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10 Simple Steps to Boost Your Instagram Engagement

In this article, we will go through the ten simple steps to boost your Instagram engagement. Keep it in your mind that it is going to take time and trial and error to boost your engagement depending on your Instagram account, types of followers that you have, your content, and your niche.

Let’s get into the top 10 steps to boost your Instagram engagements.

Step one- Sharing quality content

Sharing quality photos is the very first step to boost your Instagram engagement. The main objective when you post on Instagram is to stop the scroll. Your image or video has milliseconds literally for someone to stop their scroll, click on it, take a look at the image or caption. So, you need to make sure that it is clear and bright. The picture cannot be blurry low quality.

What are you going to put on there that is going to make people stop even if they stop and double-tap that picture is perfect. As long as you’re getting them to like stop and DoubleTap and then maybe also look into it, that is what you want, so there are no excuses not to have a good picture. So grab a high definition camera.

Step two- “Caption” How to write a better one?

The second step to boost your Instagram engagement is writing a proper caption. Before writing your caption, you should ask yourself that, “does your written caption add value to the viewer, does it educate, inspire, help people feel encouraged or care when people come to Instagram.”

Let’s make sure that whenever you go to post something, it accomplishes that concept. Think about your overall account niche and what you want your account to do. Make sure that you’re posting something related to your category.

Step three- Call to action

Does your post have a call to action? You may ask, what a call to action is and how it helps to boost Instagram engagements. It is asking someone to do something. The whole point of Instagram is basically to grow a community, you have followers because you’re building a community, so what do you want to do with these followers? You want to engage with them on every single post.

For each of your posts, you’re going to engage with your followers, Ask them about their opinions, let them ask you any questions they have. For example, say: “Hey guys, I need a favor; what do you think of this,” “ask a question” or “hey share this post if you found it helpful.”

Ask engaging questions, and then they comment, and you can start a little conversation in the comments with them. When that happens, Instagram sees that, and it boosts your engagement rates.

Step four- Use hashtags related to your post

Using hashtags in the right way can enhance your engagements, and in the opposite, it can get down your account. Copy and pasting the same hashtag on every single post or every single picture may put your account at risk of shadowbanning. Shadowbanning is a thing that not only stop boosting your engagements but also reduces your engagements and this what we don’t like happens.

Use about five dedicated hashtags and these hashtags have to do exactly with what’s in that picture. Use your city, your location, what are you wearing, what are you doing as hashtags.

Step five- Respond to comments as soon as possible

Respond to every single comment and DM as fast as possible. Responding to comments is likely one of the biggest tips that many people do not know.

Instagram loves your engagement with your followers, so basically, as soon as you post for the first 16 minutes, you need to be engaging with anyone that comments on your Instagram. You don’t need to spend a lot of time to respond to comments, just an hour is enough, and you can put it away for the rest of the day. But don’t miss the first 16 minutes after posting.

Step six- Use Instagram stories

Stories are an incredible feature developed by Instagram. It provides you with plenty of features. You can use polls, Questions, Music, Hashtags, and so on. What is the key to using stories is to be an active user. You should use stories daily. It engages you with your followers, and this is what Instagram would like to see. And let your followers see your posts more.

Some platforms let you do the whole process fully automated. You can find a list of the best ones here.

Step seven- Scheduling your posts in the eligible time

You may have noticed that you get more engagements on some of your posts. One of the reasons may refer to the time you are posting. The best time is different from your time zone, and you need to find it by yourself experimentally. To find the eligible time and get more engagements on Instagram. Here’s a problem that you may not be online at that time. AiGrow is the platform that has solved the issue. You can schedule all your posts in the meantime and set time for sharing them. So you don’t need to be online, and it shares automatically.

Step eight- Authenticated hashtags

There are tons of hashtags on Instagram. What happens that a hashtags get unique? The answer is in being different and specified. For example, if your account is about music, the “music” hashtag has over 289M related posts, but the “alternativemusic” has about 504K related posts. So when you use the hashtags with fewer posts, it increases the chance of visiting by Instagram users and will boost your engagements.

Step nine- Live video

You don’t have to be online forever. Read comments and observe what is interesting to your followers and which posts get more engagements. Select the related subject and talk about them and try to get feedback from your followers and respond to their questions. That will incredibly boost your engagements.

Step ten- Share the photos of your face

Did you know that photos with faces get 38% more engagements than those without them? Don’t miss this opportunity to boost your Instagram engagements. Share posts of yourself every other time and get closer to your followers. They need to see there is a real person behind this account who cares about their followers.


These are the very first necessary steps you need to follow to boost your Instagram engagements. Don’t miss them and put your creativity in them since creation is the key to being unique and distinguished.

If you are looking for more tips to boost your Instagram engagements, you can also give this article a read.

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