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An Ultimate Guide to Instagram Engagement in 2020

Such a time-consuming so much effort task is Instagram engagement but here is help.

Today with around 1 billion active users on Instagram, success in Instagram engagement would not be an overnight process. Also, according to this stat that 80 percent of Instagram users follow one or more businesses. Brands are determining effective well-planned Instagram marketing efforts to get more Instagram engagement to attract more followers and generate more sales.

So there is no doubt that gaining a larger network of people as well as conveying your brand identity are two important marketing goals to boost the Instagram page success.  In this article, there are 10 essential Instagram engagement tips can reach you summit of your growth engagement rate on Instagram. Try to take advantage of these methods and efforts conscientiously.

Actually, we provide step-by-step tips & tricks that help you grow your Instagram business account organically.

Growing Instagram engagement is more important than ever. It plays a crucial role in how your content can interact with different kinds of audiences based on multiple critical factors. Generally, if you could achieve the right fast-faced content strategy, Instagram engagement growth will occur automatically, and interestingly the other aspects of your IG business will promote with it.

But, it might be intriguing to know that promoting your business on Instagram does not limit to the content subject and needs more useful marketing tips and strategies.

Now by going through these 7 best ways for Instagram growth and engagement , beat the ever-changing Instagram algorithm.and get a better engagement rate as easy as possible.

1. Post consistently on Instagram

Have you ever known that 95 million photos and videos are shared on Instagram daily?

This shows that consistency is one of the key points to reach a higher engagement on Instagram. Because to run an Instagram business profile, you have to make sure you are building a daily consistent visual experience by regularly posting photos and videos on your Instagram feed.

It would help if you also cared about the quality of the content that you are sharing. And don’t overshare! Your followers will be annoyed to see ten posts lined up in their feeds.

Tip: Most studies agree that once per day is optimal, with a maximum of two Instagram posts per day.

2.  Make the most of Instagram stories

Ever since stories are one of the most popular Instagram features that hit the  500 million people use every day. It means that Instagram engagement stories effectively can keep your Instagram posts on people’s minds.

So it is important to use the newest Instagram stories interactive features to not only promote your Instagram posts also gain massive popularity from Instagrammers who enjoy tapping through random Stories.

3. Create IGTV and Live series

Instagram is a kind of new YouTube channel when IGTV and Live series break through 60-second video posts. In fact, Zenith predicted that there would be a 25% increase in watching online videos in 2020  that drives more Instagram engagement rate for your business account.

4. Generate genuine, compelling content

Everyone on Instagram space is interested in authentic, compelling content to enjoy spending time on this visual base platform. Content is the most central interactive strategy to engage with your audience.

Identify what your audience wants, and interests are and how you can better serve them through different content types is the main reason of why you should put much effort into writing genuine content to boost engagement on Instagram.

5. Run  Instagram campaigns

Contests and giveaways are great for gaining more likes, comments, and follows. Which eventually leads to a sudden increase in Instagram engagement. Brands need to keep on trending and up to date challenges and topics around Instagram contests or giveaways to show off its credibility and playful side or even promoting a specific Instagram post to go viral.

6. Work with mico-influencers

After doing multiple practical Instagram marketing activities, it is the micro-influencer turn to work with to gain great Instagram engagement in a short time duration. It is worth noting that brands can provide the target audience in a more organic genuine way rather than directly self-promotion on Instagram, Truthfully they can build a community around your brand to sell for them.

7. Use relevant branded hashtags

Instagram hashtags can grow your brand visibility and is known as one of the must ways to improve your Instagram posts discovery. It is more beneficial to know that hashtags encourage more audience interactions. In that case, what better to use perfect relevant niche hashtags to help your Instagram marketing strategy.

Hashtags can help you to:

  • Get more likes
  • Gain more followers
  • Reach target audience

For a more in-depth look to increase your Instagram exposure and turn Instagrammers  into customers, walk through the important tips of Instagram engagement

  • How to calculate engagement rate on Instagram

While some Instagrammers publish tons of content and even buy likes and comments to look more engaging but fake interactions cause many problems in the long run like losing care about and your business and content.

The real Instagram engagement rate calculates how well your brand is connecting with its audience. As the most important factor for being a winner on Instagram. And the good news is that tracking your engagement rate on Instagram can give you some insights into your Instagram account to have a vivid mind of the strengths and weak points of your marketing strategies.

Moreover, Boost product sales and delivering better customer service is crucial to run a successful Instagram account. Fortunately, effective feedback on your Instagram page can complete this issue well enough.

There are various metrics to calculate a proper engagement rate on Instagram and different calculations may better suit your business objectives.

For now, let’s take a look at the three most common ways that show how to calculate the Instagram rate.

  • Engagement rate by reach

This formula is the most common way to measure engagement with Instagram content, which shows the number of times the users interact with your content after seeing it.

  • Engagement rate by impressions

Impressions formula tracks how often that content appears on Instagram feed, and it might be ideal to use this method in conjunction with reach.

  •  Daily Engagement rate

The most successful formula to calculate the Instagram engagement rate is based on followers to know how often your followers engage with your Instagram account on a daily basis.

Engagement rate is an important  metric for business owners, with the big competition among Instagram business accounts. Continually calculating the engagement rate by business owners can give them a clear understanding of their place in this Instagram growing market.

There are many other crucial tips that you should know about the Instagram engagement rate.

  • The best time to post on Instagram

Discovering when is the best time to post on Instagram for more engagement sounds a little bit difficult and timeconsuming. which needs an accurate Instagram analysis because every account has a specific target audience located in different timezones.

If you could manage to find the best time to post, your photo or video would receive a high level of engagement because this noticeable Instagram marketing tip can really work for your Instagram posts visibility.

Totally, there are several ways to determine which time is the perfect time to share content on Instagram.

  1. Instagram Insights: help you to see the days and hours when your followers are most active.
  2. Trial & error: change half of the posting time by few rounds of tests (80 percent tested times and 20 percent experimental times)

Furthermore, step up your post quality and publish during peak hours confirm the best time to post for more likes. Generally, according to later, the best time to post on Instagram is between 9 am-11 am EST.

Thus if you want to hit the Instagram algorithm in 2020, It is necessary to optimize your publish post time for when the majority of your followers are online.

  • Instagram engagement groups

Today, undoubtedly, the biggest secret to hacking the Instagram algorithm is going viral on Instagram. The more your engagement rate is, the more likely your post shows up at the top of your followers’ Instagram feed.

And considering this now, have you ever heard about IG pods and wondered what they are?

Instagram engagement groups is one of the best strategies to keep your branding top on the Instagram explore feed. In fact, Instagram engagement groups consist of communities where members give and receive posts likes, comments, shares, and saves for a huge engagement rate on Instagram.

To figure out how do engagement groups work, you need to know the best Instagram engagement groups through messengers. Telegram and  DM Instagram Messaging is an obvious example of these engagement groups.

Whenever a group member uploads a new post, the person is going to notify the engagement group teammates with upcoming content that others can like or comment on the posting.

One thing I want to clear is that there is no bot to violate Instagram terms of use. Because real people manage IGpods, are available in two types with a different rule and purpose that offers real engagement.

If you are keen to know where to Find and Join Instagram Engagement Groups, you need to know more about IGpods groups.

  • Schedule Instagram posts

You need to Instagram scheduling every day for your Instagram business to see immediate growth in instant interaction. As it is a vital item to keep the current audience as well as get new followers. It also offers to drive more traffic and product sales, and meet better results with your Instagram stories schedule.

Considering this, instead of trying to keep on tiresome everyday post publish on Instagram. How will it be to save more valuable time by schedule Instagram posts directly to your Instagram feed?

It is interesting to know that it just takes several minutes to schedule Instagram posts (both Feed & Story) for a week. To ease your marketing activities also to come up with other, more important marketing tasks.

Luckily,  Instagram marketing tools are big helps to learn how to schedule posts on your Instagram profile.

If you upload a bunch of posts on a tone of the best time in advance, your post will automatically publish to Instagram at the scheduled time!

If you want to get more out of this topic, I invite you to read about how to schedule Instagram posts.

Tip: the main reason for schedule posts on Instagram is first to stop switching back and forth between screens. Then get more followers and finally increase more engagement

Final thought

To sum up, marketing your business needs to take advantage of Instagram’s capabilities. Focus on the customer journey to not only maintain a consistent brand personality but also reach your marketing goals. In this large network the main thing to keep in mind is that being up to date and tracking Instagram algorithm to learn step by step tips and tricks to finally avoid falling into the trap of immediate drop  Instagram engagement.

Do not forget that, doing research on your audience and  consistently monitoring your Instagram engagement, and getting the help of IG pods plus managed Instagram marketing tools can track your progress to stay on top of your niche.

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