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Audience Gain – Review and Alternatives+

Looking for a way to increase your number of likes on Instagram? Or your video views? How about a boost in your amount of followers? Well, you can achieve all of this using Audience Gain. It provides likes and followers for Instagram and other popular social media. So, in this article, we’re going to have a look at this platform and see what it has to offer Instagrammers.

What is Audience Gain?

Audience Gain helps you to promote your Instagram account by providing four different services. You can buy followers, likes, video views, and auto likes. Also, each service consists of several packages. For example, you can buy likes in packages of 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, 10000, and 20000. Audience Gain collects likes from all over the world and from real Instagram ads. It also offers a 30-day like replacement guarantee.

How Does Audience Gain Work?

It claims that there is no bot involved. You only have to pick your preferred package and pay for it. After 48 hours, it automatically starts to collect likes, followers, video views, and auto likes from followers all over Instagram. For example, you can gain up to 100k followers worldwide for $990, only within 5-7 days. Also, they use third party marketing websites and have un-follow protection.

Audience Gain Pros and Cons


  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • It does not Require Your Instagram Password
  • Gain Followers, Likes and Video Views in a Short Time


  • High Risk of Money
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Low Improvement in Engagement Rate
  • Many Negative Reviews from Costumers
  • Gaining Likes and Followers in a Not-Organic Way
  • Limited Services Compared to Other Similar Services
  • Attracting Followers and Like without Focusing on Location

Why Increasing the Engagement Rate is the Best Way to Grow on Instagram?

One of the significant drawbacks of services that buy you followers and likes, such as Audience Gain, is that they don’t really help you to increase your Instagram engagement. Engagement is the primary key to be successful on Instagram and naturally attract the audience. Thanks to the smart, cutting-edge Instagram algorithm, it’s pretty hard now to use fake likes and followers.

What is Instagram Engagement Rate?

The number of likes and comments measures Instagram Engagement Rate. With introducing the new Instagram algorithm, other features of Instagram are also considered in building the engagement rate, such as the number of saves and shares. There is no concrete way to precisely measure the engagement rate, but for now, the following formula is the best option.

For each post calculate this:

The higher this number be, the higher your chance to be seen on your followers’ feed or the Instagram explore page. Consequently, your number of followers will be increased multiple times.

So, how you can increase engagement without jeopardizing your account? The answer is simple: use safe, effective ways to grow your engagement naturally by real followers. Luckily, many Instagram platforms can offer you such services. Thus, you only have to choose the best one.

Audience Gain Alternatives

1- IG PODs

If you want to enjoy a complete package for marketing your Instagram effectively, IG PODs is your first, best choice. This platform offers a variety of useful tools to grow your Instagram naturally. When you gain real followers, you can be sure that your account growth is guaranteed.

How IG PODs Works?

IG PODs has many features, but one of the best of them is Instagram engagement groups, or aka pods. These groups are designed to increase the engagement rate professionally. In each group, there are up to thousands of members who share a similar niche on Instagram. When a group member publishes a post on Instagram, other members are obliged to engage with that post. As a result, in less than a few hours, a high number of real likes, comments, shares, and saves will flood into the recently publishes post.

You don’t have to be worried about Instagram busting you for using a group to promote your account. Unlike Audience Gain, IG PODs uses Telegram Messenger to host the pods. Telegram is a cloud-based application available on Android, iOS, and desktop. Therefore, using this messenger, you can enjoy as many IG PODs groups as you want.

To benefit the IG PODs services, create an account on IG PODs for free. Then go to the PODs tab and discover pods related to your niche. For example, there are pods about fashion, pets, cars, and so on. Even if you are not sure which category your business falls in, you can still find pods that offer engagement no matter what your IG account is about.

So, after finding and joining IG PODs groups, you have to install Telegram and search for aigrow_chatbot. This bot will help you to stay connected with other members by sending the notification of published posts to you. Also, if you want to other team-mates know about your posts and engage with them, you MUST schedule a post ahead. Use IG PODs smart scheduler to plan your upcoming feed.

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Why IG PODs Groups?

  1. Completely Automatic Pods
  2. Zero Risk of Getting Blocked by Instagram
  3. More Than 80 Active Pods in Different Categories
  4. Four Major Categories of Pods Suitable for Every Need
  5. Leecher-free Autopads with Weekly Monitoring and Elimination
  6. Only Focus on Your Business Niche and Gain Really Interested Followers

Want to take a tour and see some of the best IG PODs groups? Here are some of them:

  1. Fashion, Style, and Art (Other Fashion Related Pods)
  2. Travel and Fun
  3. Entrepreneurs
  4. LikeBooster
  5. Fitness, Health, and Exercise
  6. Join to Go Viral
  7. Insta Viral
  8. IG Influencers and General
  9. Music Lovers
  10. Tattoos

2- Everliker

Everliker is an Instagram chrome extension that comes in two free and PRO versions. Like Audience Gain, this tool does not require to add your Instagram password. It only offers likes, but you don’t have to buy them. All you have to do is open your Google Chrome browser and install this add-in. This smart and straightforward plug-in mimic human behaviors; it only likes at certain times. It also shuts down entirely for eight hours, depending on your time zone.

The problem with this extension is that it only works when your browser tab is open. Also, if you want to like something on Instagram manually, you have to stop the plug-in. If you want to know more about this easy-to-use add-in, read the related article below.

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3- Fuelgram

Fuelgram is another good alternative for Audience Gain. It offers engagement groups where lead influencers help each other grow in a give-and-take way. Fuelgram groups are categories in different topics. Using Fuelgram has some advantages, such as gaining likes and comments in a secure and risk-free way. Read the following related article to know more about this useful tool.

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There are many ways to grow your Instagram account. You can simply buy followers and likes, but there is a risk of trapping in a vicious circle of boom and bust on Instagram. Gaining real followers and engagement is the only redemption for being successful on Instagram. So, if your energy, money, and IG account matter to you, choose the way that you believe it suits you.

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