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Boostgram – Top reviews and alternatives ++

Today, Instagram has billions of daily users that share photos and videos for different purposes. Nowadays, most of the brandings and big companies have an account on this platform to get more audiences and introduce products and services. But how can users make progress and get popular on Instagram? Here is where platforms like Boostgram come in and play an important role in your Instagram progress. But why do you need to use these types of platforms?

Instagram growth is directly related to the engagement rate. To become popular on Instagram, you need to grow your audiences, gain bulks of likes and comments and increase your Instagram impressions. But, how can you do that? What is an Instagram engagement rate? How to increase that rate? And also what do platforms like Boostgram do in this way?

We answer all these questions in the following paragraphs and help you with finding the best way to success on Instagram. So keep on reading!

What is Instagram engagement?

Instagram engagement rate is a number that lets you know how successful you are on Instagram and informs you about your performance quality. Unfortunately, there is not any official way to calculate the Instagram engagement rate. However, there are some formulas that most people use.

Actually, the Instagram engagement rate depends on so many factors such as the number of likes, comments, followers, story views, post insights, and etc. But, one of the most popular ways to calculate the engagement rate among users is to calculate the summation of likes and comments and divide it by the number of followers. Then, by multiplying what you found by 100, you will find your Instagram engagement rate. Also, there are other formulas like the ones in the picture above.

By the way, one of the most frequently asked questions is how to increase the engagement rate? There are some general tips that help you with this issue and we mention in the following section. So, to know how to perform better on Instagram, keep reading!

How to grow engagement on Instagram?

There are some general tips to grow your engagement rate on Instagram. The most simple things you can do is to:

  • Be consistent
  • Mention people
  • Post stories regularly
  • Get feedback using polls and questions
  • Share qualified content
  • Engage with similar pages
  • Repost content

And so much more than this.

However, doing all these things take a great deal of time and needs a high level of energy! Unluckily, human beings are not flawless, and you may forget to share posts regularly and interact with your followers in the best way possible. So what can you do?

The best way to increase the engagement rate on Instagram is to use engagement tools. One of these tools is Boostgram that will help you with your Instagram goals. But how does it work? Let’s find out!


Boostgram is an Instagram engagement tool that lets you increase your Instagram exposure. Using this platform, you can get real engagement on Instagram and gain likes and comments to improve your engagement rate.

Actually, Boostgram has so many amazing features such as:

  • Post schedulers
  • Audience targeting (by gender, location, and etc)
  • Manage multiple accounts
  • Manage accounts using computers
  • Analytics

And much more than this.

Luckily, Boostgram is really user-friendly. To use this platform, you just have to open the Boostgram website, sign up an account using your email, and then log in to your Instagram account. After that, you can use almost all the features of Boosgram for free and after that, you need to purchase the plan offered by the platform.

Actually, the plan offered by Boostgram is somehow expensive in comparison with other platforms. For each account you add to Boostgram, you need to pay 31$ per week and this might not be economic at all.

Moreover, like most of the platforms out there, it is not flawless, so we decided to introduce some of its alternatives to make the best choice possible.

Boostgram alternatives

As we mentioned, Boosgram may need some improvements and you might need some features that it doesn’t have. So, it is better to find an alternative that covers your needs in the best way possible. Actually, an amazing Instagram engagement tool may better have schedulers, DM managers and other features.

Hence, in the following parts, we introduce the 3 best engagement tools that can be used instead of Boostgram and might be better than it. So keep reading to make the best choice according to your needs.

#1 AiGrow

The best Instagram engagement tool that can be used instead of Boostgram is AiGrow. AiGrow has thousands of features that help you become an intellectual Instagrammer. Using this platform you can:

  • Schedule posts
  • Schedule stories
  • Manage multiple accounts on all types of devices
  • Manage DMs
  • Send bulk direct messages
  • Analyze hashtags

And much more than this.

Actually, AiGrow has engagement groups or pods that work based on Telegram messenger. To increase your engagement rate using AiGrow, you have to join the groups and pods that are similar to your business. AiGrow lets you join 3 pods for free and then, using these pods you can exchange likes and comments with other real Instagram users.

After joining these pods, you need to join the AiGrow chatbot on Telegram. Then, you can follow the exchanging process on this bot and see how your engagement is growing. Also note that joining these pods is essential because if you don’t, your friends and followers will not be notified of the upcoming posts. Hence, the growing process will not take the right way.

One of the best and also the most amazing feature of AiGrow is its scheduler. Using AiGrow Scheduler, you can schedule posts and stories, repost posts and stories, view content anonymously, and etc. Undoubtedly, this feature prevents you from forgetting to post regularly and helps you with your time-consuming considerations.

In addition, the AiGrow DM manager, which is an email-like environment, gives you the ability to send DMs to email, send bulk messages, and also schedule messages on Instagram which is an amazing feature.

So, open the AiGrow website right now and give it a try!

#2 Fuelgram

Another good alternative to Boostgram which is based on engagement groups is Fuelgram. Using Fuelgram, you can engage with pages similar to yours and exchange real likes and follows. Actually, this platform doesn’t have any schedulers, but since Instagram has put some strict limitations on likes and comments by bots, you can make sure that your account will not be blocked from different actions on Instagram. You can read more about this platform here.

#3 Wolf Global

Wolf Global is one of the engagement tools that lets you join some engagement groups for fashion and beauty, travel and food, fitness and health and other types of businesses on Telegram. Using this app, you can grow your Instagram and get more attractions. To compare this platform with Boostgram, click here.

Boostgram, YES or NO?

To sum it up, Boostgram is an amazing engagement tool. Using it you can exchange likes and comments using engagement groups and increase your Instagram impressions. However, it may not be a complete package of tools for some users, so an alternative is required. AiGrow is the best alternative to this platform. Using AiGrow not only you grow your engagement rate, but also you can save more time by its high-level schedulers. Read the article carefully and make the best possible choice.

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