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Buzzoid VS IG PODs What’s a better?( Automatic Instagram Likes service)

Outstanding on the Instagram platform is not an easy task to overcome rapidly. However, there are always some highly effective Instagram growth services to help brands or businesses to increase their engagement rate on Instagram.

Well, Instagram likes is one of the most crucial goals that businesses need to grow their accounts and get more Instagram followers. The more Instagram followers like you achieve, the more audience gain. Now to know how to get likes and followers on Instagram we want to know more about Buzzoid vs IG PODs.

If you are wondered how to consider an excellent automatic Instagram likes services between Buzzoid and IG PODs, you are in the right place. Keep on reading the article right now to make up your mind, which automatic Instagram likes best serves you based on the features, pricing plans as well as top reviews.

What is Buzzoid?

Buzzoid is an online Instagram growth service that you can buy likes, followers, and views to boost Instagram engagement by offering various packages in different price ranges.  It also suggests that building a large number of followers is possible within an hour to enjoy investing time in managing your Instagram account. Whatever it is, I am going to reveal some of its essential tips to know is it worth to go with or not.

Buzzoid features

  • Enable you to buy more Instagram video views
  • Offers different kinds of packages for each service
  • Provide professional customer support
  • Buy Instagram automatic followers
  • Buy specific auto likes for every particular content
  • Has easy Installation


Buzzoid pricing plans

Buzzoid offers several different types of pricing plans for each category listed below, and there is no free trial:

  1. Instagram followers prices

It includes two types of followers:  High-quality followers and premium followers.

( Prices  vary  $2.97 to 39.99$)

  1. Instagram views

It offers high-quality views from 500 to 5000, with a different duration in fast delivery.

(Prices  vary  $ 1.99 to $ 74.99)

  1. Instagram likes

Instagram like the package is divided into two distinctive categories: High-quality likes and premium likes

(Prices vary $ 1.47 to $ 88.99)

Buzzoid on Trustpilote

As the stat shows, it gets an excellent rate on Trustpilot, but there is something strange about the leaving comments out there. It is so easy to open the website and click on excellent options, but the thing which you should notice is that the real users typically comment on the truth feedback and reviews. Based on this fact, there is no customer satisfaction from the Buzzoid Instagram growth service. Most of the Instagram users are complaining when there is no positive result and know Buzzoid as a waste of money service.

Obviously, people have different experiences by using Buzzoid auto like service. but generally, the number of people who had terrible experiences using Buzzoid is more noticeable than who voted excellent option. How will it be to consider a better Buzzoid alternative?


Unfortunately, reviews on Reddit show that there is no satisfied user with the Buzzoid, and the majority of them announced that they had a sudden drop in the Instagram engagement rate because they ended up with fake Instagram followers. However, it gets a high rank in Trustpilot. Try to look for a suitable Buzzoid alternative

Buzzoid on reddit

Is it safe to use Buzziod?

Buying Instagram followers and likes need proper research and more consideration to find the best site to buy real Instagram followers and likes.

Now according to research on many reviews, using Buzzoid is not actually recommended. Because, based on the experiments, they believe that Buzzoid offers a service with a poor efficiency that might work, one in a thousand to deliver some followers. Even more so, if they do deliver followers, unlike what they say, they could be fake bots or spam accounts.

What is IG PODs?

IG PODs refers to a number of Instagram users that form engagement groups together to increase engagement on each other’s Instagram content.By the use of autoPods, you have the opportunity to know how to get organic likes and real followers on Instagram in your niche.

IGPOD features

There are many beneficial features that IG PODs offers to boost your Instagram engagement in a variety of ways. It can serve you as a full Instagram growth service to get more likes and followers on Instagram space.

IG PODs can help you to:

  • Build your target audience
  • Join LIKE groups where members will like each content
  • Get likes without following back
  • Create, Schedule Instagram posts
  • Get organic Instagram likes and real followers
  • Has a user-friendly platform
  • Repost other contents on your Instagram feed

Tip: IG PODs can access to thousands of people who are willing to help you gain more likes

IG PODs pricing plans

IG PODs suggests affordable and simple pricing that every kind of Instagram user can benefit from its amazing features on any scale. So here are three pricing plans with four main categories of IG PODs based on members:

    1. Super Turbo– 1000+ members
    2. Turbo– 500 to 1000 members
    3. Rising– 100 to 499 members
    4. Starter– under 100 members
  • Starter


  • Pro


  • Advanced

Last but not least, as mentioned, IG PODs is a powerful Instagram marketing tool that offers a set of features to join different Instagram groups to get more likes and engagement. But one thing to keep in mind is that buy real Instagram likes is an important factor that develops automatic Instagram like service and now automatic bots won’t work anymore, for this subject. Therefore you need to find an effective Buzzoid alternative. Many Instagrammers find Instagram engagement groups the best choice to achieve Instagram likes.

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