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Do Instagram Auto Comments work?

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Instagram: The hot commodity of social media channels in 2018. No platform has gone under such vast changes and developments in the past 18 months. But there is a very good reason you might want to automate your Instagram activities. Instagram, like all social media platforms, can be time-consuming. You have to work to keep your feed coherent and consistent.

There are three ways one can automate Instagram posting and engagement:

  • Scheduling posts
  • Auto-linking others’ posts
  • Auto-commenting on others’ post

Let’s today, We will discuss Instagram Auto Comments. Auto Comment is a great way to get potential followers to check out your Instagram Profile. Simply add your comments & they will be automatically sent to target Instagram posts.

Who doesn’t like a nice comment on their post? Your Followers appreciate that you engaged with them. In addition, your target audience will be eager to see who commented on their post.

Why we use Instagram Auto Comment?

With accurate targeting, Instagram Auto Comment is likely the easiest & fastest way to gain new followers. All you have to do is add a list of comments that you would like to send and let Auto Comment do the rest.

Commenting on your Followers posts is also an awesome way to stay engaged and on the top of their minds. Sending out Instagram Auto Comments makes sure that your profile is getting the maximum exposure possible. In other words more fans, followers. Once Instagram Auto Comment is running, your target audience will see that you left a comment. After that, they will check out your profile, and follow you back if they like your content!

Target your Auto Comments

There are multiple ways to target your Instagram Auto Comment. Using Hashtags, Locations, & other Instagram Profiles they are Liking or Following, such as your competition.

If you feel that you need to fine-tune your targeting or activity settings, there are many more ways to do so as well. We recommend reviewing the activity logs often. This will make sure your Auto Comments are sent to the right people & that you will gain lots of Instagram followers in a short time.

AiGrow is the best way to Auto Comments on Instagram. Once you save the settings, AIGrow will begin to comment on your target audience, which brings tons of exposure to your Instagram profile!

Keep track of all the comments that are sent out in the logs. This is a good way to know if your targeting is accurate or needs some work. If you notice that you are commenting on irrelevant profiles, review your targeting for maximum growth.

The Tools You Need

Now that you know why you should use an Instagram comments app, it’s time to choose one that best fits your needs.

To take advantage of everything described above, including hashtag-targeting, customizable auto responses, customizable outbound comments, and much more, consider using AIGrow.

AIGrow’s comment dashboard. You can create up 100 different customized comments to be used in rotation.

With AiGrow, you can send targeted comments to users based on the hashtags they use, where they are located, any of your competitors that they follow. You can even control how many comments you send on a daily basis, which is helpful for newer users that need to “warm up” their pages to avoid flags from Instagram.

For those interested in trying an Instagram comments app, you can sign up and try AiGrow for free by clicking here.

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