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Everliker | Top Reviews and Alternatives++

Everliker Top Reviews and Alternatives

Everliker is a smart, easy-to-use Google Chrome Extension that can help you to auto-like Instagram content. In this article, we’re going to take a look at this plug-in. Then, go over its advantages and disadvantages. After that, we will introduce you to some of the best alternatives that you can use instead of this extension. So, read along to find out more.

What is Everliker?

Everliker | Social Automation Assistant is a Chrome Extension that helps you to reach a higher rate of Instagram engagement by offering auto likes. There are two versions of this plug-in. The free version uses hashtags to find relevant posts and likes them. The PRO version of Everliker allows you to experience a broader range of features. Let’s take a closer look at this smart and simple extension.

Everliker Free Version

As mentioned above, the free version of this plug-in only uses the hashtags that you have defined to like the posts on Instagram. With this extension, you can run up to 1800 likes per day; however, it is best to set your goal between 40 and 800 to avoid any action that leads to blocking.

Moreover, Everliker does not require your Instagram username and password. Also, you can modify your likes by using filters that eliminate unwanted hashtags. For example, you can the parameter “do not like posts with X” to commend Everliker to ignore posts containing the “X” word.

Everliker PRO Version

With a $5 charge per month, you can use Everliker PRO. This version offers running likes based on location and hashtags. Also, it can like users’ followers, which is found very useful for gaining followers. Moreover, with an average of 350 likes per day, it has a faster speed compared to the free version. Also, the PRO version enables you to filter posts using keywords, users, and dates.

For more detailed information about Everliker features, click here.

Pros and Cons of Everliker


  1. It is free
  2. It likes your home feed
  3. Availability of running multiple Instagram accounts
  4. No need for your Instagram Id or password
  5. Post filtering options for more precise settings or unwanted contents
  6. Mimics human activities, so it automatically sleeps eight hours based on your time zone


  1. It only likes
  2. Cannot be set up through phone
  3. Not designed for marketing goals
  4. Performs Best for personal accounts
  5. Cannot be set up through other browsers
  6. Does not have auto-comment and auto-follow
  7. Should be stopped before manually using Instagram
  8. Has limitation for liking a post with multiple hashtags
  9. Only works when your PC is connected to the internet


  • Only use the hashtags that are relevant to your niche
  • Make the most use of filters such as “do not like the same user more than X time.”


Here are some of the best alternatives for Everliker

1- AiGrow

AiGrow is your best choice if you want to promote your Instagram account in every possible mean. It offers a whole package of practical and Al-driven tools to make sure you will stand out in the bustling space of Instagram. It’s a cloud-based application. So, unlike Everliker, it automatically works, and you can use any device and browser to use AiGrow.

Not only AiGrow offers auto-likes, but also it guarantees real followers, comments, and other types of engagements on Instagram. Here are some of the specialized tools that AiGrow offers that grow your engagement on Instagram.

AiGrow Pods

Using AiGrow Pods (Instagram Engagement Groups) enables you to connect with thousands of other Instagrammers that will help you to improve your IG engagement. These Instagrammers are divided into different groups. Each group has a particular theme. Thus, you can easily find your business niche and join the pods that are most relevant to your business.

Photo by Perry Grone on Unsplash

Pods work like this: Whenever a user publishes a new post, all the members will engage with the post in less than a few hours. Either by liking it, leaving comments on it, or by lesser popular engagement actions such as shares, and saves. As you can see, all the engagements gained by this method are entirely authentic. As a result, accounts that use pods witness a surging rise in their engagement rate that can lead to more exposure on this competitive social media.

To join these pods, you can create an account on AiGrow and discover pods on your toolbar. After selecting your preferred groups, you have to install Telegram Messenger. One of the great benefits of using Telegram for a place to join pods is that this application works by cloud technology. Also, using Telegram, you don’t have to be worried about the mysterious Instagram algorithm that blocks you from doing such activities.

After installing Telegram, search for AiGrow Chatbot on the search box to add your pods on Telegram. Then come back to your AiGrow account and schedule your very first post using AiGrow smart scheduler. Remember, this is a mandatory step, and without doing it, your team-mates won’t get a notification that tells you when you are going to post. So, DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP!

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AiGrow Other Features

  • Smart Growth Engine
  • No Leechers on the Pods
  • Completely Automatic
  • Real Followers, Comments, and Likes
  • Managed VIP Services with Even More Effective Services
  • Personalized DMs

2- Wolf Global – Auto Liker

This Instagram marketing platform offers an auto-liker as a Chrome Extension. If you’re using Wolf Global pods, this plug-in will come handy for you. After installing this extension, you can select any Wolf Global pods that you’ve already joined. Then, you get a list of all the links of the groups from the last 24h.

After that, you can copy these links to your Instagram and paste the links in the extension. Set a suitable delay speed, and that’s pretty much it! As long as your tab remains open, it navigates each link and completes your part in raising other members’ engagement.

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3- LikePool

Like pool is another Google Chrome Extension that does not require your username or password. Just like Everliker, this simple add-in only likes the content of the other Instagrammers. But in return, you also get likes from other accounts. LikePool is free, and it operates as long as your browser is open.


Taking Everliker and its alternative into account, you can decide what the best option for you is. If you like to only focus on liking other posts, Everliker might be the right choice. But if you go further and enjoy more Instagram tools that lead to authentic engagement, AiGrow is your best choice.

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