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Today, Instagram has become an essential part of every aspect of our lives. Actually, one of seven people all around the world uses Instagram for different purposes. Undoubtedly, Instagram is an astonishing tool to advertise services and products and share what you’ve got with the world. However, it is important to get comments, likes, and views to keep up with Instagram businesses. But how can you grow your Instagram views? Why are they important? How to get free Instagram views? And also which apps help you to get free views? To answer all these questions, keep reading!

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Why Instagram views are important?

To go viral on Instagram, you need to increase your engagement rate. But what is the Instagram engagement rate? Actually, the engagement rate can be defined as your success ratio on Instagram. This concept depends on so many factors such as the number of likes, comments, views, followers and etc.

One possible way to calculate the Instagram engagement rate is to divide the summation of the number of likes and comments by the number of followers and multiply what you have earned by 100. However, this formula is somehow old-fashioned. So, you need a more complicated formula to calculate your success rate on Instagram. Actually, the best formula for engagement rate may depend on:

  • Post views
  • Story views
  • Comments
  • Likes
  • Reposts
  • Followers and followings

And all the things you do on Instagram.

So, to grow your Instagram engagement rate, it is essential to get more views and insights and become more popular. But how to get free Instagram views? Let’s find out!

How to get free Instagram views?

There are so many ways to get free Instagram views. Actually, to get more insights you need to:

  • Share high-quality posts
  • Post regularly
  • Use trending HashTags
  • Share stories, live stories, and IGTV videos

Fortunately, Instagram lets you grow your insights using all the amazing features of this app for free. Instagram views contain your post views, story views, live story views, and also the IGTV views. Hence, to get more views, you have to share your ideas with all of these tools.

Undoubtedly, stories are the best feature to get more free Instagram views. Because stories are temporary posts that will be deleted automatically after 24 hours and when you open Instagram, what you see at the top of the screen is the story bar. Actually, you can create stories that contain votes, polls, questions and etc, and this helps you with getting more insights, interactions, and followers for sure.

But caring about all the things mentioned above, and sharing high-quality posts regularly can be exhausting. So what can you do to make it easier? In the following, we want to talk about some apps that’ll help you to get free Instagram views.

How to grow Instagram views using apps?

Luckily, there are so many great apps and platforms that will help you to get free Instagram views and grow your business. In the following, we introduce the top 5 Instagram-based platforms that will help you to increase your Instagram engagement rate by receiving more views. If you want to boost your Instagram engagement by increasing your insights, keep reading!

#1 IG PODs

One of the best and most useful Instagram engagement tools is IG PODs. IG PODs is a complete package of features that will let you be a professional Instagrammer. Some of the most wonderful features of this platform are as follows:

  • Post scheduling
  • Stories scheduling
  • Managing multiple accounts
  • Get free likes, comments, and also views

And much more than this. But how to work With IG PODs?

IG PODs Engagement Pods

IG PODs has engagement groups and pods that work using Telegram messenger. To get free Instagram views using IG PODs, you have to join the pods that are related to your business. Actually, using IG PODs you can join three pods for free. Then using these pods you can get likes and comments with other real Instagram users. Also, note that when someone likes your photo and engages with your posts, your Instagram views will be increased and this helps your post to be shown on the Instagram explore part.

IG PODs Scheduler

Undoubtedly, an awesome IG PODs tool is its scheduler. Using IG PODs Scheduler, you can schedule posts and stories to be shared on the best time possible, repost content, and etc. Actually, using this scheduler you’ll never ever forget to post regularly. Hence, you will have more time to create high-quality posts and this will help you to get more views for sure.

#2 Boostgram

Trivially, the more followers you have, the more views you’ll get on Instagram. Boostgram is an engagement tool that helps you get free followers. And hence you can get more likes, comments and also views using it. However, to know more about Boostgram and its features, click here.

#3 Fuelgram

One of the other tools you can use to get more Instagram views is Fuelgram. Fulegram is an engagement tool that works using engagement groups and helps you grow your business in the best way possible.

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#4 Everliker

Everliker is a Google Chrome extension that lets you grow your Instagram engagement rate. Actually, this extension is a social automation assistant that lets you save time, delegate liking and get more followers. Also, you can find more about this platform here.

#5 Perfectliker

Perfectliker is another Instagram engagement tool that is totally free and helps you get likes, comments, and insights on Instagram. Actually, we have written a complete guide and review to Perfectliker that will help you make the best decision.


To sum it up, getting free Instagram views is essential to become successful on this platform. Actually, there are so many things you can do to increase your Instagram views, but caring about every single aspect of your posts may be overwhelming. So, using an Instagram engagement tool can help you achieve your goals faster. IG PODs is the best tool that you can use in this way because it offers so many features. Therefore, read the article carefully and make the best possible choice.

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