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How can you go viral on Instagram with engagement groups?

Instagram Engagement groups are essentially group chats within Instagram and also on other platforms (e.g. there are several on Telegram application, Facebook and Whatsapp). We call them engagement groups since everybody participating in these engagement groups would like to like and comment on other members’ posts to get likes and comments on their posts, in the other words the members would like to have interactions together to go viral on Instagram.

In most of the Instagram engagement group, you will get notified when someone publishes a new post to Instagram.

Finding the best  Instagram engagement groups

When you are looking for the best engagement groups to go viral on Instagram you will be faced a large number of engagement groups, either ask around other large accounts in your niche or try an engagement group on Facebook, Telegram or Whatsapp. You’ll have to look for Social Media or Instagram-related Facebook and WhatsApp or Telegram groups — They mostly have a weekly thread for people forming Instagram engagement groups or pods. You are able to find someone in your niche and ask to join their PODs or post a listing in one of these groups to find members for your own group.

You may find this method difficult or need to spend a lot of time finding the best engagement groups related to your niche that would be able to provide you with the organic engagements. You don’t need to be worried about it since many platforms and tools have been developed to make this procedure easier and faster for you, They mostly provide you with plenty number of engagement groups that you can easily join them and get engagements from them to go viral on Instagram.

We have listed the top 3 of the best tools here for you:


AiGrow will stand on top of our list. You can find thousands of people and the good thing about them is their automation. They have provided you with over 200 engagement groups to go viral on Instagram and even you will be capable to make the perfect engagement group and invite your friends from one easy-to-use dashboard.

It’s so easy to get likes and comments and engagements from the AiGrow platform, You can follow the steps below:

Step1- Sign up to the platform and get free trial days (sign up here) and schedule your post

Step2- Join the Engagement groups which are related to your niche

Joining their Engagement groups are completely free and once you post, you will get organic engagements from real followers. Below is a screenshot of some of AiGrow Instagram engagement groups or as they call it “Automated Engagement Pods”.

Step3- Set a time and schedule it by the Aigrow( you don’t have to be at the desk to schedule your posts it will do it on your behalf)

So, target your organic audience, grow your accounts fast & easy, manage multiple accounts, increase engagement rates with 24/7 customer support on AiGrow.


Jarvee will take care of your Instagram account so you are able to focus on your business and stop worrying about your social media accounts and stop spending a lot of time on them. They will focus on social media scheduling, target your real audience, go viral on Instagram fast & easy, manage multiple accounts, increase engagement rates.

To start using the tool, click on the Global Tools > IG Engagement Groups tab. There are two sub-tabs – Comments and Likes – Comments and Likes.

  • The Comments sub-tab

Here you can add the accounts that are members of your Instagram pods or engagement groups. These are the accounts that will have interactions with your account and give and receive comments.

Step1- Add Account – click on this button to add the accounts that will give the comments

Step2- Setting up the comment message:

Now, you have added the accounts that will give and get the comments, you are now enabled to add your comment message.

  • The Likes sub-tab

The Likes sub-tab lets you to give and receive likes within your engagement groups. It works similar to the Instagram Like tool but is not limited by the filters in the said tool.

Step1-Accounts Used To Like section

Here you need to add the accounts that you want to give likes. Once you click the “Add Account”, a new window will open that allows you to select the accounts to participate.

Step2-Usernames That Will Receive Likes

Step3-Posts To Like section

If you would like to give likes to the previous post or a specific post from any other user, then you easily copy the URL of that post and then paste it on the chatbox field then click the “Add” button.


Boostgram is another social media management tool that lets you growing your Instagram account and getting engagements. Users are able to get real followers, likes, and comments on their Instagram accounts to go viral on Instagram, as well as automatically interact with their followers.

Here’s the steps to get engagements through the Boostgram:

Step1-Download Telegram

First, You need to download the Telegram application from the AppStore for the ios users or the play store for android users, or onto your computer. This is a chat app where they manage their groups.

Step2-Join Their Telegram Channel

The next step is joining the Boostgram chat group. You will find links to all their groups, as well as important information about group rules & updates. It’s also a place to link with like-minded influencers and learn more about growing on Instagram.

Step3-Get Boosted

Finally, You can start posting your links in the groups and receive likes & comments from thousands of members around the world!

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