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Grow your Instagram Engagement with Engagement Group

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms in terms of users and engagement, with 500 million active Instagrammers that press “like” button 4.2 billion times per day (based on Statistia). Today, Instagram has become the place for brands to improve their business and they need to grow Instagram engagement as quickly as they can. One of the best ways to get higher engagement is by joining Instagram engagement group.

Engagement Group

Instagram engagement groups of Instagram users that commit to making connections with each other consistently and reciprocating to each other’s post in order to increase likes and comments. They can be kinds of any groups in social media like Instagram DM groups, Telegram groups, WhatsApp groups or Facebook groups. With these groups, you can send a link to your Instagram post or profile as members would engage in your post and in return you will do the same for them.

Since Instagram continually changes the algorithm, more and more users and brands are experiencing a drop in engagement and found it harder and harder to build engagement on Instagram. With that in mind, Instagram pods were born to help users generate engagements.

Instagram has the ability to create DM groups with other Instagram users. As a member, when you post something new, you let the group know and expect everyone to like and leave meaningful comments. Each Instagram engagement pod typically concentrate on a specific niche like fashion, travel, fitness, business.

Again, Instagram doesn’t care about your content if people don’t engage with it. So, if your post gets enough engagement, the Instagram algorithm will rank it higher. Higher ranks will assure your content to be a top post. Top posts have more visibility for your brand or IG account which results in more followers and leads you more sales.

How to use an Instagram engagement group

Before running an Instagram engagement group manually make sure you read the rules of the pod. The typical process is that you publish your post on Instagram, then you go into your communication channel (DM groups, Facebook groups, etc.) and give the pod your post link. If the members of the pod are online, you should receive their likes or comments within the next one or two hours. Based on the member’s time zone you must be online at a certain time to receive their attention. This can be very risky and tiring and takes you a lot of time.

So, how to get the best results without spending hours and hours? AiGrow autopods could be one of the best tools to do that.

Use AiGrow Autopods

AiGrow has created a great opportunity for Instagrammers to use engagement groups for free. With AiGrow autopods, you can save your time and get the best results. It’s simple and easy to work with. As you see in the picture you can use your favorite engagement group to increase your engagement just by joining in a group.

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