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How The Instagram Algorithm Actually Works?

In this article, you are going to find out what Instagram Algorithm is and how it actually works. Now, If you are trying to grow your Instagram account and get more followers as quickly as possible then it is so important that you understand how the algorithm actually works because if you do then you will be able to actually work with it, which will enable you to grow much faster. Before I get into how the algorithm works I just wanted to let you know how I know how the algorithm works.

Basically, I run a social media marketing agency called AiGrow and my team and I are constantly testing the algorithm to figure out how it works. So that we can get our paying clients the best results that we possibly can all right. So without further ado, let’s talk about,

How this algorithm actually works?

The first thing that you need to understand is that whenever you post on Instagram and other social media platforms also what happens is the algorithm shows your post to a small percentage of your followers. So let’s say you had a thousand followers. The algorithm is going to show your post to probably somewhere between about fifty and a hundred of your followers and what the algorithm is doing its testing to find out whether or not people like your post after that depending on how much the algorithm perceives that people are interested in your post. It will choose to show your post to more and more people.

How does the algorithm tell whether or not people are interested in your post?

Well, this is mainly based on the engagement that the post gets specifically normally the number of likes that a post gets now on different social media platforms different things are important but on Instagram. It seems that the most important thing is first of all likes and second of all screen time. So, this isn’t something that we normally talk about. When we are talking about engagement, but actually how long someone looks at your post is going to determine how well the algorithm perceives that people liked it, and that will determine whether or not the algorithm will continue to show it to more and more people something else. That you should understand is that the engagement your post receives is actually a measured relative to the size of your audience.

Let’s say that you have a thousand followers and your post gets a hundred likes you might say well there is no way I could compare to one of other person post that has thousands and thousands and thousands of likes. so how would I ever show up in the feed well the reason that you are able to be because your engagement is being measured relative to the size of your audience. so Instagram is more looking at percentages to see what percentage of the people who it was served to actually responded positively what percentage of the people who your post was shown to actually looked at it for a longer period of time. Now after your post is shown to the initial segments of your audience the algorithm is going to measure how much engagement actually received and then determine how many more people to show up to so assuming that your post received a good amount of engagement. The algorithm will then show it to another hopes that those people will also be interested in it from there the algorithm continues to show it to larger and larger segments of your audience until the engagement seems to be dying down, and people don’t seem to be as interested in it anymore. So that is basically how the algorithm works for your posts being shown to your audience.

Instagram Hashtags & How It Is Work?

As you probably know when you use a hashtag in your post description that hashtag acts as a search term. so that whenever someone clicks this hashtags or types in one of those hashtags they are served search results that are shown in that usual Instagram grid of posts that have used that hashtag in the past. Now the posts that show up when someone searches for any given hashtag are not random and they are not just in a mixed-up order the algorithm has carefully sorted these.

So, that the person who is searching for that hashtag is most likely to see the post that they are looking for or posts that are relevant to the topic that they are looking for first. Now if you are trying to grow your account quickly then it’s really important that you get your posts up to the top of those search terms those hashtag results because when you get closer to the top it is more likely that people actually click on your post. So in order to help you get up closer to the top of those hashtag results I want to tell you the two things that Instagram is using to determine the sorting order of those posts the first one is recency. so how old is the post more recent posts are going to be ranked higher on those hashtag search results, the second thing is how good the engagement was now again. This is going to be measured relative to an account size so even if your posts didn’t get as many likes or as many comments.

Hashtag Tips:

  • Use a variety of popular ones and Very specific ones
  • Use Hashtags that your Ideal Followers will already be searching
  • look at Hashtags your competitors are Using
  • You can use up to 30 on each post but Don’t use them all at once
  • Add Hashtags to be Secondary Comment not Initial Description

How Instagram Choose Which Account To Suggest To People?

This can be a great way for you to pick up followers when Instagram actually suggests your specific account to other people who might be interested in it. Now here is how this generally works when someone let’s call them person number one likes an account. When someone likes your account then when another person will call them person number two likes account, Instagram will automatically suggest your account because someone who recently liked that account also liked your account. so Instagram believes that person two would also be interested in your account.

Instagram is to actually suggest your account when someone else likes that other account so for example, let’s say that you have an Instagram fashion account and this other Instagram fashion account has a lot of followers that also follow y our account well in that case. whenever someone follows this other fashion account Instagram is likely to recommend your account an account that this person might also be interested in following and then something you might want to consider is that this means that when you do a giveaway or some other sort of joint collaboration with another account not only are you going to directly get followers from collaborating with that account right at that time, but also because you will then have more followers in common with that other account that means you will get more recommendations from Instagram itself in the future. Whenever someone likes that other account that you collaborated with in the past all right well. That is a summary of exactly how the Instagram algorithm actually works.

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