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How to beat the Instagram Algorithm and boost your Engagement in 2019?

Hey guys, today I will explain to you how to beat the Instagram algorithm and boost your engagement. You can’t really beat it but you can implement with it well anyways by understanding how the algorithm works. You can utilize certain features of Instagram in order to increase engagement and boost those likes and comments and get new followers.

We are going to share a bunch of them today. The first thing we have to talk about is what the hell is the growth algorithm and how it works. Now, in short, the algorithm is an Al system, it is essentially a computer program that is designed and changes always. This algorithm uses a variety of factors to influence the ranking of content on your follower’s feed. The goal is to make sure each user sees a post that they will most likely care about, which will lead to increase overall engagement.

This algorithm works in many different ways, but in short, it is always tracking what you are doing as a page and what your fans are doing. Then through a different mathematical formula, it is going to be moving certain content and different posts in different orders that your audience going to be able to see certain posts that perform better than others and relevant posts that they are already liking.

For example, I am going out and liking lots and lots of sports content. I am always liking soccer or football videos or whatever on my explore page. You will certainly see soccer and you know those kinds of videos because the algorithm sees me interacting with them. Cracking this algorithm is going to help you get more likes and more comments which means more engagement and that leads to gaining more Instagram Followers. Let’s think about what that would look like as someone is scrolling through their own Instagram feed and come across a piece of content that is like this on a screen, that is built like this you need to be paying attention to the usability of the platform for this.

For example what I want you guys to know is the more space you can take up on the app itself the better you can be catching more people’s attention and holding on to it for longer.

You need to remember one core concept: content is king. It doesn’t matter how beautiful you are as a photographer. If what you are posting is boring it needs to be fixed. There are tools to implement to take the guesswork out of posting content that is going to perform well. If you recall, back in the days every time you posted a photo it would go to the top of all of your followers feed which meant you get a lot more likes. At some point, Instagram decided to give you the stuff that you are gonna like as opposed to just chronologically giving the stuff that your followers are posting. This has made the engagement scarce and helping only those with good and relevant content to win.

When it gets posted then the algorithm thinks this is good content and then it boosts it to the top. Thus, if it is boosted to the top more of your followers will see it and you will get more likes. You will get more exposure to more engagement and more growth to your Instagram followers.

You have also probably heard of the word engagement groups. Which is where a bunch of Instagram pages gets together and they like or comment each other’s posts.

To know how not to get action blocked, I recommend this article.

Work on yourself more than you do on your job.

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