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How to boost your Instagram followers in 2019

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When the Instagram app was first introduced, it skyrocketed to 1 million users within 3 months. Today, that number is closer to 800 million and climbing. This means that the Instagram platform is entirely different than it was a couple of years ago. It has evolved to have more power, more capabilities, and more adaptive perfection for its users. As one of the most powerful apps in the world, peoples’ eyes are on Instagram online. As an entrepreneur, marketer or business person this means only one thing. The time to create an Instagram profile and grow it is now. Established corporations such as travel agencies and individuals are taking advantage of the amount of time people are spending on Instagram online and using it to build their businesses. Some businesses make the majority of their revenue off of Instagram online.

How To Get 1000 Free Instagram Followers?

  • Choose your niche

Instagram is a marketing platform, which means marketing strategies have a major impact. One of the first rules of marketing is in defining your niche.
1: Who are you trying to attract?
2: Who is your ideal follower?
Figuring out who the perfect Instagram followers are will tell you how to create content. If you are a travel blogger your perfect follower is somebody interested in travel who likes seeing aesthetic travel pictures.

  • Analyze Your Competitors

Who is doing? what do you want to be doing and doing it well? These accounts are the ones to take notes from. The reason is that these accounts have already found the intersection of content and value that is bringing followers to consistently engage. You will want to use an engagement rate to see who’s really creating content that’s sticking.

  • Come up with a content strategy

Now that you know what you are working towards, it is time to think about content. If your competitors publish one Instagram post per day, then you need to publish one Instagram post per day. If they are always uploading stories, you need to do the same. Figuring out your content schedule is going to be essential to curating a content calendar. As much as Instagram wants you to believe that it’s on the spot, posted content this is not true. The Instagram marketers with thousands of followers know that a content calendar is a reason for the success.

But first, let’s talk about something – often ignored – that’s critical to the success of your content strategy.


Most people either don’t understand what context means for social media or they ignore it altogether. In the end, their content ends up missing the mark. Let me explain.

Content vs. Context: Essentially, these two should not exist without each other.

There are easy ways to understand content vs. context and how they relate:

Content is what you create. Context is the meaning attached to what you create.
Content marketing is delivering quality information to your audience. Context marketing is delivering the right information to the right person at the right moment.
Do you see how they work as a team? How content would fall flat without context?

The question now is, how do you achieve that balance?

I like to think of content as the informational nugget and context as the stories that you use to deliver the message.

  • This means that to create the proper context for your Instagram content, you need to employ the elements of a story: Use Instagram own marketing tools #hashtag

Free Instagram marketing is still available. It is in the form of hashtags and geotags that can be placed on both posts and stories. These are the extra boost a new account can use to get seen by more users. For example, if you search for #trvelblogger, the tool will show you up to thirty alternate hashtags. These hashtags are less popular and more powerful since they have less competition. The chances of your posts being seen for this hashtag over the popular one are higher.

  • Respond To Comments

This is one of the most looked over strategies to creating an account with high engagement. By responding to comments, you create a relationship with the users. AIGrow is the best way to respond to your comments. AIGrow’s auto-respond feature allows you to automatically respond to comments left on your most recent posts.

Pride makes us artificial and Humility makes us real.

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