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How to Calculate Engagement Rate on Instagram? The Complete Guide

You have surely heard about Instagram Engagement and how it is the most essential factor for being a winner on Instagram. Well, have you ever thought about how you can calculate it? Tracking your engagement rate can give you some illuminating insights about your Instagram account. So, better stay tuned and read this article, which is a complete guide that shows you how to calculate the Instagram engagement rate.

Why Instagram Engagement Rate Matters?

Instagram is not a place for a lone wolf. Engaging with other users is the ultimate aim of using Instagram. After all, they call it social media for a reason. But it’s a quite tricky job to attract attention in this busy virtual world, where everyone seems to have the very same goal. Thus, Instagrammers publish tons of content and even buy likes and comments to look more accessible. However, fake interactions cause many problems.

To resolve these problems, in 2016, Instagram revealed its notorious ultra-smart algorithm. IG algorithm works mysteriously. Thus, soon this new technology turned into a nightmare for those who wished to promote their accounts using fake engagement; because the Instagram algorithm works based on the one and only simple rule: Engagement Rate.

To beat the Instagram algorithm and become visible for your potential audience, you need to boost your engagement rate authentically. IG Engagement rate is precisely essential because it shows how much your audiences actually care about you and your content.

Luckily, the Instagram algorithm is not so much a mystery anymore. There are tools to increase your engagement rate. For example, using Instagram pods is the best and most effective ways

Read more about What are Instagram Pods and How You Can Join an Instagram Engagement Pod.

There are many crucial tips that you should know about the Instagram engagement rate, but for now, let’s take a look at the three most common ways that show how to calculate the Instagram rate.

How to Calculate the Engagement Rate on Instagram? The Complete Guide

As Instagram does not share how its algorithm exactly measures the engagement rate, many methods have been introduced by Instagrammers to correctly calculate this rate. The number of likes and comments – as the two essential building components – has always been considered in different formulas.

But, one of the main arguments is whether to use the total number of followers or the total number of impressions? To find out, let’s take a closer look at these three different methods, which shows how to calculate the Instagram engagement rate.

Using the Total Number of Followers or the Total Number of Impressions?

You already know what is your total number of followers is. How about your impressions? If you don’t know, the total number of impressions is the number of times that your content (posts or stories) has been shown to the audience. If you have a business account, you can easily find it on the insights section that Instagram provides you.

Warning: Do not confuse IG impression with IG reach! Reach is the number of times your content was seen by unique users. For example, if someone views your post five times, it counts one reach but five impressions.

To understand the difference that followers and impressions make in calculating engagement rates, look at the following different methods.

Number one Method: Calculating Engagement Based on Followers

This might be the most successful formula to calculate the Instagram engagement rate. The formula is simple. For each post, you only have to add up the number of your likes and comments together. Then divide it by the total number of your followers. After that, you should multiply the final decimal number to 100, to get the engagement rate in percentage.

The good thing about this formula is that you can use this final number to compare your business with your competitors. As all the components in this formula are accessible to everyone, you can simply calculate their engagement rate too.

The downside about this formula is that it’s not giving you a completely accurate figure. Considering that you don’t use saves, shares, or your stories in this formula.

Number Two Method: Calculating Engagement Based on Impressions

This formula shows you how to measure the Instagram engagement rate using impressions. This is exactly like the previous formula, only instead of dividing the total of likes and comments to the followers; you should divide it on impressions.

One of the best things about this formula is that you can measure the effectiveness of the contents that you pay for. On the other hand, if you run a personal account, you cannot use this formula, as the Instagram insights are not shown to you.

Number Three Method: Calculating the Real Engagement Based on Impressions

For calculating the most accurate engagement rate for your posts, use this formula. Instead of using only the total number of likes and comments, look for the number of times the unique users have saved and shared your post. You can find this information in Instagram insights. Then, add up these four numbers and divide them into the total number of impressions. Finally, multiply it to 100.

This is the most exact engagement rate that you can get for your content. Using this formula can come very handy when you want to gain a comprehensive understanding of your account’s situation.

Online Instagram Engagement Rate Calculators

If you don’t like to work with numbers, there are some online Instagram engagement rate calculators. But remember, these calculators do not access to the impressions of the accounts. So, they are probably using the first formula to calculate the engagement rate. phlanx is one of them.

How Can I Use The Information about Instagram Engagement Rate?

Engagement rate is a vital metric for business owners, especially when we know 80% of Instagram accounts follow a business. That business account can be you! As a business owner, you should know about every detail of your account. Also, you may want to use influencers to promote your brand on Instagram.

You can use the formula number one for calculating the engagement of the influencer that you wish to work with. Before investing in influencers, make sure they can really deliver the task that you are going to give them.

Moreover, to have a better understanding and receiving instructive feedback, you can have a free Instagram engagement report here.

Bottom Line

Engagement is everything on Instagram, the platform which has the highest engagement rates among all the social media. Continually monitoring the engagement rate by business owners can give them a clear understanding of their place in this massive market.

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