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How to join an Instagram engagement pod?

What are engagement pods? How to make or be in one? Why do you want to be a part of one?

Now in order to really understand Instagram pods, We need a little history of the Instagram pod.

Basically, Instagram used to be linear in terms of what it was shown to your followers. What I mean by that is that you would post an image and people who followed you If they were online at the time or they scrolled down far enough would see that image. However recently Instagram changed their feed algorithm to more of a facebook method a method that implements an algorithm. What that does is basically it takes posts and it ranks them, and shows your post to some people and maybe it doesn’t show it to other people.

Now everyone is looking to boost their posts’ engagement. What is the solution? Let’s begin:

What is a POD?

What is an Instagram pod? the simple answer is, it is a group of  Instagrammers who are willing to help each other to boost their Instagram posts.

How does it work?

That is also pretty simple. It is very cool and basically, you have a few different options to pull it off. There needs to be some base where you can all communicate or know that you are posting an Image or video on Instagram. So you get your group of say 20 people like and comment on your posts. Also, you can find groups to join on Facebook or Telegram. If you know each other personally then you can do text messages and communicate on an Instagram pod.

All you have to do is when you posted an Image, you will go into the group and say “hey I just posted a new image” or if you are doing it with post notifications everybody will get an alert that you have posted an image. The idea is for everybody in the group to then go to the URL (post) as quickly as possible and engage. Time is important because the algorithm is time-based. It is always better to have a comment that is specific to the post.

And now what this does is it telling Instagram that this is a great post that people are liking it a lot and therefore Instagram will show it to more of your followers and even rank them high around the hashtags you have used in that post. So of course, that leads us to why you would want to be in it. The very simple answer is you will get your post in front of more people assuming everybody in your pod participates and you as well.

So now that I have talked through how Pods work, what an Instagram pod is, how to make and why you would want to be a part of one, I am going to go ahead and introduce you to my Instagram pod called wedding cinematographers. I am waiting to grow it so that we can help grow each other’s Instagram following. So let’s go take a look at that real, I am going to Instagram and you can imagine I have somebody’s actually pulled up here.

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