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How to See Previously Liked Photos and Videos on Instagram

If you are a big fan of Instagram, you probably like hundreds of photos per day. Have you ever wondered how you can see the posts you’ve liked on Instagram? Is there even a way to do it? Luckily, the answer is yes. There is a straightforward way to do it. So, read the following to find out how to see previously likes photos and videos on Instagram.

Why You Should See the Posts, You’ve Liked on Instagram?

Instagrammers need to check the photos they have previously liked for many various reasons. For example, if you liked a really informative post yesterday, but you forget to save it, you can easily find it by reviewing you previously liked posts. Also, you might want to read those long captions that seemed interesting to you but you haven’t had the time to go over it.

Also, if you are using an automatic Instagram bot, you may want to make sure it works properly and only likes the targeted hashtags that you have set. By using this Instagram feature, you can quickly check the last photos that your bot has liked recently.

How to See Posts You’ve Liked On Instagram?

Checking your previously liked photo might be an easy job on other popular social media, but it is not the case with Instagram. There is not a button in front of you that says tap here to see the posts that you’ve liked. So, you need to go deeper than your Instagram home page. Luckily, Instagram has an in-built feature that allows you to check these posts.

Step-by-Step Guild

Step one: Open your Instagram on your phone.

Important note: You can only see your previously liked photos and videos in the mobile app version of Instagram. You cannot do these steps on the web version of Instagram.

Step two: go to your Instagram home page.

Step three: tap on the three horizontal lines that open your Instagram panel.

Step four: Tap on your Instagram settings.

Step five: on our settings page, tap on “Account.”

Step six: scroll down and find the item “posts you’ve liked” almost on the bottom of the page.

Here, you can see the posts, both images, and videos, which you’ve liked on Instagram. See? It’s a piece of cake.

Shortcut: if you want to do things fast, you can simply write the word “posts” on your settings search bar, and the corresponded item will pop up on your screen.

How Many Instagram Posts Can You See?

Based on Instagram’s official statement and of course, Instagram algorithm, you can see up to your last 300 posts. This is a considerable number but it might not be enough for those who use all the Instagram likes limitation on a daily basis.

So, this option works best when you want to revise posts that you previously liked on Instagram. You might have a little or no chance of finding a photo that you’ve liked weeks or months ago. Also, if you found a post exciting but you forget to hit the like, there is no way to see it in this part; sadly, your favorite post is simply lost.

Here what you can do if you were unable to find your posts on the previously likes posts grid: open your explorer page and tap on search and the on tags. Write any useful tags that you could guess. Maybe that photo was published with that tag too.


If you don’t want to lose any exciting posts on Instagram, the best way is to use the save button. Get used to saving your favorite content by this feature. You can even categorize them into different groups. But if you forget it anyway, explore among the posts that you’ve liked to see you can find it there or not. Good luck!

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