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7 Tips to Increase Your Instagram Engagement

Wondering about how you can boost your engagement on Instagram? Well, who doesn’t! read along to find out more about this important issue.

How to Increase Engagement on Instagram?

As you know Instagram is one of the biggest and busiest platforms today which has more than 1 billion active users and half of them are following brands. It is a highly targeted and visual platform that is great for building a loyal audience but probably you have noted is that when the algorithm is your engagement drops as well so today.

Let me give you some tips to you in order to understand how to increase engagement on Instagram. So rule number one, You need to start engaging with accounts similar to your accounts in your niche before you post your new picture.

You need to spend some time and engage with the content other accounts of posting. But make sure that you engage with the right audience because if you are a fitness instructor you need to engage with people who are into fitness motivation, fitness blogs & fitness brands because if you engage with accounts related to cats and dogs it will not give you any results and you will not show you how to boost your engagement on Instagram.

How To Find Related Accounts For Engagement Pods

If you don’t know how to find related accounts you can always use the discovery page where Instagram is giving you some recommendations by category. If you have been following some of those accounts and you can go to their pages and use the suggestion tool. It will show you other accounts related to your niche and you can always start engaging with the followers of your competitors. Another tip if you want to increase engagement you can join some Instagram engagement groups because you want to have as many likes and comments within the first hour of your posting. So what is our Engagement groups? This is a bunch of people who come together in a group and help each other with engagement.

Let’s, guess you have 20 people or 20 fitness bloggers in a group and when someone posts a picture other participants like and comment under that picture. So every group has some strict rules like you cannot leave spammy comments like great outfield, great post, I love it, you need to leave at least 5 words in a comment related to the post. This way these people help each other to boost Instagram engagement. I know some groups for them to buy an audience, so if you want to join them join our pod group.

And the last advice is to be consistent. Try to post at least one-two times per day and their most active hours but make sure that you have a good quality content sometimes it’s better to skip the post rather than post something inappropriate and when we post every day you can’t until beam in front of your audience all the time and it will allow them to get to know you better.

All members will comment and like within the first hour since you schedule your post. This is the best way to do this based on how the Instagram engagement algorithm works.

If you want to join my POD, it takes you 2-3 minutes.

You can read this post in Arabic here.

So, once you know how to increase engagement on Instagram, things become much easier!

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