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Wanna Increase Your Instagram Stories Engagement? Let’s Go!

The state of Instagram has changed so much from just being a virtual photo album to now being a place where you can market to your audience consistently. The common mistake that Instagram users make is they think that they just need to get instant famous or get lots of followers for having brand deals. Certainly, having lots of followers is great and opens the door for more opportunities but that can come in time. So, there is more power in your hands to be seen on Instagram. One of the golden tickets is Instagram stories engagement. All you need to do is increasing your Instagram stories engagement. This article is going to offer you winning strategies for increasing your engagement on your IG stories.

What is the optimal length for more Instagram stories engagement?

One of the challenges that people have today is how to publish enough content on stories to make that story last for a good 24 hours. There are lots of different strategies and tactics to achieve this goal. The first thing that you should remember is that the work that you are putting in is the returning result. It means that the more time you invest with a brand’s story, the more often you are going to see that story. But what is the optimal story length?

There are two dynamics of length with stories. The first one is the length of an individual piece of content and then the length of the story on the whole. Some benchmark reports show that shorter is not always better. For example, you can tell a great story with a lot of contents over a period of 24 hours but analyzing the stories in benchmark reports shows that there is pretty consistent completion rate when you get past 10 frames inside a story. Longer stories that have 30 to 40 frames are getting about a 50% completion compared to the stories that have 10 frames with a 70% completion. So, that’s the question. Do you want to consume more contents or do you want to use more interactive features to play with people throughout the day? So, it is hard to pin and say this is the optimal length. The data doesn’t suggest that longer stories are certainly going to kill your engagements.

Use Instagram stories’ features to increase engagement

How can users make their stories interesting that somebody wants to move from start to finish? One of the best things in regards to the features that can be used in stories is the question sticker. Questions engage the audiences and lead them to the next click. People want to answer what they are cared for. Also, you can answer them by creating new Stories that show the original question. This keeps people coming back to see your answer. This creates a strong trust which plays a key role in your Instagram stories engagement growth.

Also, you can use other features like polls or stop your followers from scrolling past your Instagram Stories. You can access most of these features for stories by clicking the sticker icon in the top-right corner when adding to your story. Once you click the icon, all the feature options will appear.

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