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Which App is the Best for Auto Comments on Instagram?

Trying to find the best Insta comment app to increase Instagram engagement? The great number of different auto comments app overwhelmed you? Have no idea which one to choose? Well, stay with us to find out Which App is the Best for Auto Comments on Instagram.

In this busy, modern world, people want to do things fast. The same thing happens in the virtual world too. With introducing new tools and technologies, more businesses and individuals use automation. For example, now you can simply use an Instagram bot and apps to leave comments on posts on your behalf. Sound terrific, right? Well, better hold your horses.

First, let’s see what these Insta comment apps are exactly. Then, we’ll see whether using them is going to help you to increase your Instagram engagement.

What Is an Auto Insta Comment App?

Instagram comments apps are bots that can follow, hit likes, or leave comments on other posts instead of you. Compared to the time-consuming manual work, Autobots can do all these actions in a very short time. Therefore, many Instagrammers use these bots to increase their Instagram engagement in a much shorter run.

Instagram auto comment apps basically use targeted hashtags or usernames to do their job. You simply add some default messages, just like the image below, and that’s it. Also, based on your preferred setting, the Insta comment app will find the best matches and automatically leaves a comment.

Likes and comments are the base of Instagram engagement. No matter how many times Instagram changes its puzzling algorithm, they are still the main ingredient. So, you can see how tempting to use these Autobot comment apps is for any user.

In recent years, more and more users tend to try these bots to boost their Instagram. However, many have dropped it shortly after the first experience if you didn’t guess why to read the next part to find out.

Is it Ok to Use Instagram Comment Apps?

Nothing is purely black and white. But, if you want a solid answer to “whether you should use bots or not?” we should say NO. These bots might seem alluring, but unfortunately, they have considerable downsides that might even damage your account.

So, to make this point more clear, let’s have a quick look at the advantages and disadvantages of using these Instagram comment apps.

Pros of Using an Insta comment app

  1. Leaving Comment Automatically
  2. Saving Much Time
  3. Easy to Use
  4. Low Price

Cons of Using an Insta comment app

  1. Less Engagement
  2. Losing Real Followers
  3. Creating Awkward Interactions
  4. Bots tend to Connect more with Other Bots rather Than Real Users
  5. Constant Danger of Block: Using Comment Bots is Against Instagram’s Terms of Services

Let us explain a little further. Imagine you add some positive, exciting comments as default. You also add suitable target hashtags. But, the next day, you open your Instagram to see a surprising comment from one of the accounts that your bot left a comment for. Apparently, you commented this on that user’s sad post about a dead cat: “Aww…Sweet!”

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It can be even much worse! And there is no guarantee that the comment you set is suitable for every post. Even a simple emojis such as heart or like can seem inappropriate – imagine leaving it on a post about phrasing Hitler!

The truth is, these Instagram comment apps might come at a meager price, but their achieved results are also cheap. So, next time you want to try them, think about the real connection that you will lose on Instagram.

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Are you ready for good news now? Well, there are new generations of Instagram marketing apps that can give you real, genuine comments from real users. Thus, read along, and we’ll introduce you to these apps.

Alternatives for Instagram Comment Apps

After the significant changes that Instagram had made about its ranking algorithm in 2016, many Instagrammers searched for an effective way to increase their Instagram engagement. Their ultimate answer was: Instagram Engagement Groups or Engagement Pods.

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Unlike an Insta comment app, Instagram engagement groups or pods are communities consist of Instagrammers with similar business niches. In these pods – which sometimes have thousands of members – all users interact in the pod to increase each other’s engagement. For example, if a member publishes a post, others will like it, leave a comment on it, share it, or save it.

As a result, within the first hours after publishing a post – which is believed to be the golden time for increasing engagement rate – the content receives much engagement from related IG account. Therefore, Instagram will reward the post by displaying it on top hashtag search results or explore page.

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IG PODs: The Brand New Telegram Engagement Groups

If you’re looking for the best alternative for an Insta comment app, IG PODs is your best choice. With providing more than 80 pods in a variety of subjects, IG PODs can come handy for any Instagrammer. It also offers weekly monitoring, which eliminates any leecher from the pods.

So, to use these pods, you can create a free account on IG PODs and start discovering pods. Remember, after joining pods on IG PODs, you MUST open your Telegram Messenger and search for AiGrow Chatbot. This way, you can add all your joined groups on Telegram. After that, go back to your toolbar on IG PODs and click on the scheduler. Write a catchy caption and upload a beautiful photo and schedule your first post. Also, don’t forget that if you skip this step, your team-mates won’t know about your upcoming post.

List of Instagram Pods on IG PODs

There are many pods on IG PODs to choose between, here are some of the free Instagram engagement groups. For example:

If you want to enjoy more services from IG PODs, you can also purchase its VIP Managed.


In conclusion, using an Insta comment app or auto comments is not going to help your Instagram engagement rate. With a little effort and using the right tools, you can achieve desirable results with Telegram engagement pods. So, don’t risk your account safety!

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