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Top 10 careers you must be looking for on Instagram

Today, Instagram is one of the most popular social media websites around the world. According to Statista, it has reached 1 billion active users per month and a vast number of people use it for getting a job. Here, it raises the question “what are the best Instagram careers that I must be looking for in 2019?”

Business on Instagram

Due to the rapid growth of technology and a great access to technological devices and the internet, people face much easier ways to tackle their daily problems. Actually, Instagram could be an excellent place for you to follow your dream job without worrying about your boss to see you checking Instagram! To answer the question above, we introduce the top 10 Instagram careers to search for in 2019.

Marketing Manager

In the past decades, companies used to advertise their products on television, newspaper, magazines, etc. However, today you can easily post your advertisements on social media websites and save a great deal of money that you’d have to spend on advertising. Moreover, if you are a freelancer and want to introduce your products to people all around the world, this is the most inexpensive way that you can ever find and you’ll make $129,380 per year.

Art Director

The biggest dream of an artist is to share an aesthetical image of their art with the world and where is a better place to do it rather than Instagram? Artists can share their photographs, paintings, statues and any other things that they have created, without spending a penny and get a step closer to their dream. What you’ll make per year is about $92,500.


What you have to do in this career is to promote a brand in limited characters. Actually, it is essential for you to be enthusiastic about writing, marketing, and communication. Doing this as one of the popular Instagram careers, you’ll earn $49,664 per year.

Customer Service Representative

From the past decades, word of mouth marketing was one of the best advertising strategies and today, people love to share the pros and cons of a product they have used on social media websites. It is needed for a company to see what consumers think about their products and use the comments and messages in order to make progress. A Customer service representative is a person who is responsible to read and answer the comments and messages and they will earn approximately $32,890 per year.

Graphic Designer

All the big companies need a graphic designer to make them a logo, poster and aesthetic images of products to share with people. A graphic designer uses tools like Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and InDesign to create pleasing images of any products and make them suitable to share on websites. Graphic designers earn about $48,500 per year.

Stand Up Comedian

A vast number of people join Instagram to watch hilarious short movies in their break times at work or school. Being a standup comedian, you can make some ridiculous videos and after getting a great amount of audience, you can advertise products while you are making people laugh. In this way, you can earn about $1,000 per advertisement which makes it one of the top Instagram careers.

Account Manager

If you are searching for a remote job with a flexible time schedule, being an account manager may be an appropriate opportunity for you. In this career, you have to be creative and organize the contents that are necessary to share with clients. What you’d earn is about $52,673 per year.

Market Research Analyst

A market research analyst, analyses the market, meaning that they appraise market conditions for a service, evaluate what people require in their daily lives and recognize the potential consumers. Being a market research analyst, you will have plenty of problems to tackle with and as one of the best high-income Instagram careers, you’ll make $63,230 per year which is a proper income.

Promotions Manager

Companies may need to spend lots of money to get the ideal amount of audiences, so a promotions manager is needed to control these things. Promotions managers have duties like organizing gifts for special events, determining discounts, paying for media strategies and finding exquisite ideas to attract customers. What you’d earn is $50,859 per year.

Film and Video Editor

It may be interesting to make some attractive videos to share on Instagram stories and posts. Being a video editor, you can help companies and freelancers to make unique and astonishing video content in order to attract audiences and introduce a product or a service in a short time. You’ll make $58,210 per year and definitely you’ll have fun during your working hours.

Work, and have fun

In a nutshell, there are lots of careers to do on social media websites and they are the most inexpensive tools that you can use to introduce, promote and advertise your goods. If you are a technophile and like to have a flexible time table, you can join Instagram right now and start your favourite Instagram careers from where you are.

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