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Instagram Engagement: Crucial tips you need to know

Instagram engagement refers to one’s degree of social involvement in the community as defined by at least one “Like” or “Comment” on a post. of the social media marketing world.

Founded in 2010, Instagram has gradually entered the competitive atmosphere, mostly due to its incredible potential to keep users engaged. So when Instagram is a great social media to earn interactions, some questions remain . Like, what exactly defines engagement on Instagram and how can you use it to optimize your account. Read this article to find out more.

Instagram Engagement Rate

How to measure your followers’ loyalty level with Instagram?

So, we have Istagram engagement rate, that is not the number of your followers but the number shows the interaction of your followers toward your Instagram activities. So, how to measure that and what is considered as a good engagement rate on Instagram? Let’s discuss it. Bring your calculator and measure it or just use websites that help you in this situation.

Being a winner on Instagram top posts zone, you need to analyze your results and scouting out for your rate of engagement on Instagram. Calculate your engagement rate by dividing your number of followers by their likes and comments below the specific post.

Istagram Engagement Rate = ( Number of Likes & CommentsNumber of Followers)*100

For example, if your last post got 140likes and 30 comments. Plus, you have 3000 followers, then the engagement rate is ((140+30)/3000)*100 = 5.7%, which is the Good  Istagram engagement rate.

Using tools like AiGrow increasing your real followers and persuade you to interact with them. So this interaction causes a promotion in your engagement rate. Also, you can pay attention to your growth activity. Plus, you can see how much interaction has occurred between you and your followers, obviously not paying too much time and just ask AiGrow to help you through this procedure. Take a look at the statistics according to AiGrow website. This data are for a new account that created a week ago and you can see the result as well.

How to increase your Istagram engagement rate?

#1. Start engagement using Instagram stories

Today Istagram engagement is not just by like or comments, It also includes Instagram stories, using IGTV, and more. Over 400 million people posting or watching stories every day. So Instagram created new ways inside the stories that convince your followers to have interaction with you. Let’s find out what are these options are and how to use them in the best way.

  • The “Ask me a question” sticker

Nothing can be more useful like AMA (Ask Me Anything) sticker in order to get more engagement from your followers and also to get know more about your product, business and ask them to interact more with you because you are behind your stories and they could get more information from you and your brands.

  • Poll and Vote Sticker

Increasing the rate of your followers just to pay more attention to their opinions by adding vote and poll sticker to your stories.

Take a look at how celebrities use poll and vote sticker to gain their audience feedback to know for example to buy which type of brand and more just by adding a simple question to their stories.

  • Add links and hashtags

Just pull up to see the link. The easiest way to introduce your followers to see your whole site, your customers to buy your goods, and so. One of the best things about Instagram Stories for business is to tag and put links. With this amazing feature, you can link out to your own hosted content assets. If you’re an e-commerce marketer, to product pages. As we previously said never have to underestimate hashtags. Because they have the strong power that causes you to be found on top posts and your audiences could have more Istagram engagement with you.

#2. Know When and how often to post

To get around this, spend some time monitoring and tracking your Instagram analytics to learn when the best time to post is for your audience. The Instagram algorithm will show you a post that was uploaded yesterday sooner than it will a post uploaded three days ago.

This is why it’s so important to understand when your audience is online. If your audience is online at 4 PM every day but you are uploading at 8 AM, you are allowing seven hours for the other people that your audience follows to upload their posts. As a result, your post gets pushed down the feed by all the other, more recent posts.

#3. Use Instagram Engagement Groups (PODs)

Instagram pods are groups of people on Instagram with similarly-sized and similarly-themed pages who agree to engage with each other’s posts every time a pod member posts. Finding, joining, and managing your Instagram pod day-after-day, however, can get extremely tiring and almost impossible. And if not everyone is on the ball or your group is full of leechers, you risk putting in the effort to comment and Like on dozens of posts without receiving equal Istagram engagement back.

Instagram engagement groups (PODs) by AiGrow

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Start Improving Your Instagram Engagement NOW.

Now you know what Istagram engagement is, how to measure it, and how to improve it. Just feel relax and don’t be scared to post your contents, try to have fun with your social environment. Be creative and try to act differently, to be the best inside your followers. Don’t forget to use AiGrow to analyze your growth, to schedule your posts, DM more with to contacts, use engagement groups and other options that are available for free. So if you have any question about Instagram marketing or if you can help people to improve their account just put your comments – we read them all!

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