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Instagram Engagement Groups | Everything You Need to Know

Have you ever heard about IG pods and wondered what they are? Instagram Engagement Groups or Engagement Pods are communities where members give and take likes, comments, shares, and saves. These interactions lead to a higher engagement rate, which is essential for the overall success of any user in IG. In this article, we’re going to explain everything you need to know about Instagram engagement groups. So, sit tight!

Before we begin, let us enlighten you about the common names and phrases that we’ll be going to use. Besides engagement groups, you may have also heard of engagement pods, pod groups, IG pods, and so on. In Instagrammers’ lingo, they are all the same thing. Also, some users wonder about using Instagram Engagement Groups or Telegram PODs? Which One is Better? If you ask yourself the same question, continue reading this article.

What is an Instagram Engagement Group?

Instagram engagement groups or, aka pods, are private communities consist of Instagrammers. Everyone in these pods has the same goal: to increase their engagement rate on Instagram by interacting via likes, comments, shares, and saves.

You might have never heard of them before, but there are thousands of these communities out there, working in the background without attracting any attention. The reason they are not well-known is that they are Instagrammers’ secret weapon to boost the IG engagement.

The beauty of these pods is that you can find a wide range of users, with many different tastes in them, from influencers to retailers. Even bloggers use these groups to promote their Instagram page. In recent years, these communities have become one of the vital tools to properly promote Instagram accounts – both business and personal.

Why Instagram Engagement Groups are Important?

Instagram engagement pods had become a new marketing trend when Instagram introduced its complicated cutting-edge algorithm in 2016. Before that, contents on Instagram used to appear in chronological order. Thus, if you would post a photo at the online rush hours of the day, the chances that it gets more views and likes were higher. But then, Instagram manipulated this order, and everything got murky.

Back then, no one knew how the Instagram algorithm actually works or how to beat it to boost engagement. Suddenly, some posts were not even shown to the followers anymore. However, after a lot of guessing and trial, some Instagrammers found how to hack Instagram algorithm and go viral.

Today, we can say with no doubt that the biggest secret to hacking the Instagram algorithm is the engagement rate. The more your engagement rate is, the more likely your post shows up at the top of your followers’ feed.

For example, if you publish a post, and it receives a considerable amount of engagement within the first few hours, Instagram considers your post as highly engaging content. So, it rewards your post by putting it up in feeds.

To reach this amount of engagement rate, you need pods. Once you find the right pod, the path to engagement heaven is a piece of cake.

Understanding the Instagram Engagement Rate

Engagement rate is the most critical metric if you want to analyze your social media. Instagram is known to have the highest engagement rate among all social media. Well, it’s not that hard to tap your finger twice on your screen to make that magical heart appear; is it?

Before introducing the Instagram mysterious algorithm and Instagram engagement groups, people used bots and would buy likes and comments to make their Instagram seem more popular. But the ultra-smart Instagram algorithm – which is very similar to Facebook EdgeRank – stopped this business. Now, you see posts that are most relevant and engaged to you on your feed.

For example, say you follow your friend and McDonald IG accounts. If you open your IG, you’re going to see your friend’s post above McDonald’s. Even if your friend posted three days ago and McDonald posted a second ago. Why? Because your friend also follows you back, likes your photos, DMs you, shares post, leave comments for you, etc. And, you do the same for her. But McDonald only posts delicious burgers for you to like.

As you can see, this two-way communication or engagement is the key to cracking the Instagram algorithm code. While there are many important metrics to follow to grow your engagement, only some of them are available to you. So, how can you know your content is engaging enough? The answer is simple: you have to measure the Instagram engagement rate of your posts.

How to Calculate Instagram Engagement Rate?

As mentioned, there is no way to know how Instagram measures users’ engagement accurately. But, based on trial and error, we know there are some critical components in building engagement rates. These vital elements are the number of likes, comments, shares, and saves.

Moreover, there are many formulas that Instagrammers use, but this one is the most basic:

Also, here is a complete guide to calculate Instagram engagement rate if you want to know the most common methods of measuring this figure.

Do Instagram Engagement Pods Work?

If you pay attention to how the pods work, you will see that pods create a real engagement by mimicking real activities. Unlike bots that increase likes on Instagram without any particular pattern –  which can lead to violating Instagram terms of use –, pods are managed by real people.

Instagram engagement groups are clustered in closely related niches. So, not only using real people in pods is an advantage, but it also multiplies the engagement. Likes and genuine comments from accounts that have the same theme as yours are extremely valuable for increasing engagement rates. It will attract real followers to your account like a row of dominoes.

Thus, if you want to be heard and be seen on this crazy platform, participating in Instagram engagement pods is a must.

Types of Instagram Engagement Groups

There are two main types of engagement pods: DM groups and Telegram groups

DM Engagement Groups

Direct Message groups are created inside the Instagram app or its owner Facebook. Using a DM group has its own risks. First of all, Instagram is not a huge fan of engagement pods. So, sometimes these groups might be blocked and restricted. Secondly, working with these groups is a little bit difficult; Instagram might not have the best tools for forming groups compared to other social media. That’s why there is another more popular type of pods: Telegram pods.

Telegram Engagement Groups

To ensure that promoting their IG account is entirely secure, Instagrammers transferred their activities to Telegram. It has many advantages over the traditional types of pods.

Why Should You Choose Telegram Pods?

Telegram Messenger uses cloud-based technology, and it offers a super user-friendly experience. In Telegram, you can create a group with thousands of members, use Chatbot to manage group activities, and get notified about any new event.

Also, using Telegram has made managing pods a whole lot easier. Carrying out engagement activities on another platform prevents your Instagram to turn to a mess. In Telegram pods, there are certain rules that every member should follow. Telegram pods are designed only for pure business, and their not a place to chit chat. Thus, you can be sure that using Telegram pods won’t waste your precious time.

Where to Find and Join Instagram Engagement Groups?

There are thousands, and maybe millions of Instagram engagement pods out there. But how can you find them? Well, many Instagram marketing agencies offer various Instagram pods. To make you understand the process of finding and joining pods, we offer you a sample of one of the best Instagram pods providers in the market. Read the below step-by-step explanation to grow your Instagram engagement with an engagement Group.

Case Study: IG PODs

IG PODs is a cutting-edge smart Instagram marketing platform that offers a wide range of Instagram engagement groups. IG PODs knows how much employing pods is vital to success an IG account; so, it heavily invested in them.

For example, it offers over 80 pods in various categories. No matter if you are a make-up artist, a gym freak, a businessman, or a dog lover, IG PODs offers you suitable pods. Even if you don’t know exactly what your Instagram account is about, IG PODs still has a match for you.

IG PODs groups come in four main categories based on size. You can choose any group that suits you. Here there are:

  1. Super Turbo (1000 < members),
  2. Turbo (1000 < members < 500),
  3. Rising (100 < members < 500),
  4. Starter (members < 100).

How to Join a group on IG PODs?

Using IG PODs is easy. Follow these steps:

  1. Create an Account on IG PODs
  2. Go to Dashboard and Add Your Instagram Account(s)
  3. Click on Manage Account
  4. On Your Toolbar, Choose PODs
  5. Click on Discover to See Different Pods in Four Main Categories
  6. Join as Many Pods as You Like
  7. Install Telegram Messenger (Android, iOS or Desktop)
  8. MUST DO: Join Telegram Chatbot (type @aigrow_bot on the search bar)
  9. MUST DO: Go Back to Your Dashboard and Schedule a Post with IG PODs Scheduler
  10. Wait and Watch How Your Team-mates Engage with Your Post!

By doing these 10 simple steps to join Instagram engagement pods, you will be able to stand in the spotlight of your niche.

Some of the Most Popular Pods on IG PODs


In conclusion, in any social media, no lone ranger will survive. So, if you want to boost your business fully, you have to get help from others. And the best way to do it on Instagram is to use Instagram engagement pods in the most effective possible way.

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