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10 Important Metrics You Should Follow to Grow Your Engagement on Instagram

How to grow the Instagram engagements, get more likes and comments and views, and let people visit my account more? These are the very first questions that an influencer or even a daily instagrammer may ask. There are easy Instagram engagement metrics that you should do to get more engagements and get more views.

In this article, we are going to share the top 10 Instagram engagement metrics.

1. Find similar accounts related to your niche and engage with them

One of the most important Instagram engagement metrics is engaging with the accounts that are related to your niche. The Instagram algorithm is that engagement feeds engagement. When you interact with other users, you’re increasing your chance of being seen. In other words, more engagement means that you get more visitors to your profile.

But the number of engagements is not the only parameter here. The quality is the key. So, you should spend more time on selecting specific accounts to engage with.

Here are the steps that you need to make engagements.

Step1- Follow the accounts related to your niche

You need to determine your niche before opening your account. Then choose the sub-niche. Sub-niches are so critical since they help you to attract real followers who are interested in your content more. Also, it helps you to get loyal followers who give you more engagements. For example, if you select the music category, you should determine which genre of music you are working at or creating content.

Specify your sub-niche then follow the influencers who have the highest number of followers and working in the sub-niches close to yours.

If you have noticed when you follow a new page, Instagram will recommend new pages that are related to the page you have followed. So, You will find and follow plenty number of pages related to your sub-niche.

Step2- Search for the specific accounts

Look for the accounts related to your niche. Type them into the search bar and select ‘Accounts.’ You’d better make your keywords as detailed as possible to get the most relevant matches.

Step3- Follow the specific hashtags close to your niche

Hashtags will let you find more loyal followers. Remember that the users who are following specific hashtags are mostly would like to get notified and be in touch with that niche and hashtags daily. So, you shouldn’t lose the hashtags and take them seriously.

2. Engage and interact with content

After doing the first instagram engagement metric, you shouldn’t put your account away. You need to be an active user. Having interaction with the users you have followed is the key. Don’t be shy to leave comments and like their posts. Share their posts and tag their page on your story. This will let their followers find and visit your page more. Reply to the comments below their posts. It leads the users visiting your page.

3. Sharing quality content

While you are not sharing quality content, you can’t expect to get eligible engagements. It’s so important to share your content with the high quality and share them daily. Being an active user is what your followers expect you. So provide them with high-quality content and let them give you engagements.

4. Investigate your time on finding an appropriate caption

We mostly think that the photos or the videos we share are an essential part of the content. But it’s not entirely right! An appropriate caption will give your photo context, express personality, and engage your audience. Ask questions or encourage users to tag a friend to bring you more engagements and audiences.

“Don’t underestimate the power of your caption to get you extra likes and comments!”

5. Reply to comments

Reply to the comments as soon as possible. When you care about your followers, then they will not leave you alone quickly. They need to see your passion through the comments. Involve other people into the conversation where you can, mention their account so that they get a notification you’ve mentioned them.

6. Schedule your post in the eligible time

You may have noticed that in cases, you get more engagements than usual. Timing can be the reason for that and is one of the most Instagram engagement metrics. The best time to schedule your post on Instagram is simply the time that results in the most engagement. When is the best time to schedule your posts? It depends on your region, and you need to find it out by yourself.

You can schedule your post automatically by setting time through the AiGrow.

Read this article to get more information about the fully automated scheduler.

7. Share your posts to your Stories

Due to the Instagram new algorithm, your followers may miss some of your posts, so give them the shot to check out your profile through the stories. Don’t forget to use hashtags in your stories.

8. Involve your personal life to your account

It’s good to know that photos with faces get 38% more likes than those without. Let your followers know more about you. Sharing pictures of people is one of the best(and easy) Instagram engagement metrics to boost your Instagram engagement. Sharing photos of faces will let you specify your account, interact with your followers, and, of course, grow your engagement.

9. Create your hashtags

Make unique hashtags that introduce your business, your artworks, and be easy to find. A right hashtag should be Long-tail. The long tail hashtags are specific and detailed, which means they more accurately indicate the context of your post and your account.

For example, “music” hashtag has 289M associated posts, but “alternativemusic” has 504K. They are in a similar niche, but the latter (the long-tail) has fewer related posts, which means your content is more probably to be discovered and get engagements on it.

10. Schedule your Stories

You can add polls, questions to your stories, and now you’re able to create your own story as an Instagram engagement metrics. If you want not to let your stories to fade out, You should schedule it in an eligible time. You need to add hashtags to your story. It may take lots of time to do whole the process.

AiGrow can do the whole process automatically on your behalf. Check out “here” that how Instagram growth tools can help you to grow your Instagram engagements.

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