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How To Join An Instagram Engagement Pods?

We are talking about Instagram engagement pods. A method that if used correctly can be used to help beat the Instagram algorithm and gain tons of new followers every single day. So, today we are going to be discussing pods. What an Instagram pod is and where you can find them. It is something worth doing for you before we get into what an engagement pod is.

You can find more about Instagrams algorithm here.

How Instagram makes a content viral?

The algorithm basically boils down to this: the more likes you get within a certain time period usually within the first 15 minutes and the more comments you get the higher up it rewards your post. The more it gets seen, the more it is going to get liked.

Can DMs be used for Instagram engagement growth?

Yes, getting engagements on your post can be hard to do well. That is where the engagement pods come in work with group chats via DMs on Instagram. So pod mates post new content and send each other DM’s saying head over to that content to leave a like and comment on, and share or whatever else they are able to do to boost the engagement. You can also use apps such as telegram that allow help to boost your engagement. Let’s get a little bit deeper into telegram route. We are going to want to download the app and you are going to want to search for accounts that are similar to yours. If you are a travel page you might look up travel engagement pages and you are going to follow that and follow the rules that they have listed specifically so that you are able to join and take advantage of what they have.

Now, using third-party apps to find engagement groups is a great way to go about it, but if you want to be serious and spend a tone of the time do manual reach-outs. So let’s pretend we are a musician and there is going to be a similar range of musician within the 10,000 to accessible and they are going to be willing to talk to you. they are going to answer the DM’s. Start DMing musicians and just ask: hey, are you part of any engagement groups? I want to join one. Do you think this can get it done, it is a better strategy because you want to be in the most exclusive engagement groups as possible. To send targetted automated DMs you can use AiGrow.

Let’s see what kind of groups you would strive to join. If you have an engagement group with a hundred people of which those 100 people all of them only have 1000 to 5000 followers or in an engagement group of a hundred people of which all of them have 100k to 500k followers. The latter is going to be much more successful because the Instagram algorithm counts parameters such as followers and likes of the IGs who are engaging with your account – it is called Power Likes. And you are going to want their comments and their engagement more than the first group. Thus, make sure you are doing that manual outreach and consistently looking for that bigger whale or the bigger engagement group to get into because it is going to help in the long run and it’s gonna make your Instagram look really good. You get boosted into the top of the explore page sooner or later as you do this consistently for 6 months.

If you are getting consistent comments and likes from a bunch of 100k+ pages, so just try to post the right content and hashtags and you are set for success.


Pods help to hike up your engagement and they help you gain followers. In order to be like somebody that you are looking up to, you have to do what they do and a lot of celebrities and whoever else is popular on social media,  they all use these engagement pods to gain quality likes, quality comments in the first few minutes to beat that algorithm that Instagram just made so annoying for all of us.

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