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How to HACK Instagram Algorithm and GO VIRAL

Best Instagram Hacks for Marketing Agencies in 2019

In this article, We’re going to teach you how to get your first thousand followers on Instagram, and eventually, scale that up to a thousand Instagram followers per day. We’ve interviewed Jose Pena, a great Instagrammer who is also an expert in Instagram growth. He runs a six-figure per month Instagram marketing agency. Some of the biggest clients in the industry with millions of Instagram followers work with him. He also has 4.7 million Instagram followers of his own. If you’re interested in learning more about Instagram growth hacks, read the rest of this blog post.

Three Tricks for Instagram Followers’ Growth

Jose Pena

I am going to teach your audience how to get their first 1000 followers and more. Yes right; 1,000 followers a day! I am actually going to take you step-by-step, and share with you the steps to grow your Instagram.

My agency is actually pulling in over six figures a month, which is super exciting and it’s very easy. So, once you understand this process, people out there are willing to pay you a lot of money to handle their Instagram.

Instagram is becoming the number one social platform, and many people are becoming more aware of it. But they don’t know how the Instagram algorithm behind all the vibes works. They don’t know how to process works, and even they don’t want to handle the day-to-day operation of it.

They want to focus on their business, but they want to get real followers on Instagram yeah, so that’s where you come in because if you’re able to learn this stuff, you’re able to monetize extremely effectively and with a monthly recurring income.

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I’m going to show you everything right now, so let’s just jump into my computer. There are three steps that you need to follow.

Profile Optimization

Here is an Instagram account with over 600000 followers.

As you see, the account has a clear logo, a clear handle, and well branded. The bio looks nice, and then if we scroll down, we can see the content; it looks nice and consistent on the feed, which is one of the other good Instagram growth hacks.

Here is an example of sports or basketball. You can see the content itself is all about basketball. Basketball videos with basketball quotes. The content itself is targeted to basketball players, and you can see right here that it flows nicely.


Your content needs to be crafted in a very specific way. Because this is the only place that people land to follow you. They will see here on your phone. They will see the last six to nine posts. So if your six to nine posts are not great, your bio is not cool, then the outcomes are a disaster. They won’t follow you.

In my opinion, videos are the best content to post. Be smart in your videos. Ask people to watch the end of the video to get something. Tell them the punch line is coming, or ask them to tag their friends to the video.

You see, it is asking to tag friends and also dragging you till the very end to see something out of curiosity.

You can get creative in a million ways via videos. Take advantage of your smart and experiment as much as you can. Demand attention, add subtitles in the bottom and demand attention. Subtitles are good for when people can turn up the volume.

Ask people for their opinion. People love to give their opinion. When they watch the video and comment, you are getting the engagement. Also, have a specific call to action for people to do.

Here in this post, you see a perfect example of it:

This post has simply got 680 comments by asking people’s opinion about a simple action in basketball. Now you can see how simple it is.


Here comes one of the other Instagram growth hacks and that’s networking. It is super important to get this right. Let’s say, for example, you have an account with 100 followers. You posted a good picture, and let’s say you are in the fitness niche. Let’s assume there is a huge account that has 100k+ followers.

All you need to do is to go and ask that influencer to like or comment on your content when you post it.

The results? It is two-fold:

1- Your content gets boosted as Instagram assumes it is high-quality content.

2- A portion of his followers now see your post.

Assuming you were successful to get his/her attention to do this, now you need to double or triple this effect by having 2,3,4 or many many influencers doing this to your posts. This is not as easy as it sounds. Influencers barely check their DMs or respond to smaller Instagrammers.

Traditionally people from DM groups on Telegram, Whatsapp, Facebook, or even Instagram and ask their network to join it and like/comment on each other’s posts ( a back-scratching deal). Later the Instagram Engagement Groups were formed with 1000s of the Instagrammers as all members tried to share the group with their own audience. However, there is a HUGE but here.

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In these groups, there are 100s of leechers who just like to take rather than give. It is impossible to have all members around 24/7 ( around the clock) to engage with your posts. Also, dropping links and comments/likes is so tedious for most of us and distracts us from our regular job attention to our business.

The Ultimate Instagram Growth Hacks

What I have recently used and it is phenomenal is AiGrow’s Autopods. AiGrow has put out onto the market a fully streamlined and automated Engagement Group (pod groups) feature which fully automates the entire process of sharing posts and requesting comments and likes. It also automates leaving those likes and comments as well. Therefore, getting engagement as soon as your post is super simple and possible now.

How do AiGrow Pods help to Get Instagram Followers?

A way to grow Instagram is by using AiGrow Instagram engagement groups or autopods. These groups come in many different categories, from furry telegram groups to pods for fashion lovers. Using these communities of  Instagrammers, you have a great opportunity to display your business to thousands of people like you. Also, as in each pod, there are members who share the same interests, you can come up with many innovative ideas in your niche and learn other secret Instagram growth hacks.

How do AiGrow Pods Work?

To get real followers using AiGrow pods, You can simply create an account on and join as many pods as you like. After that, you must install Telegram Messenger and search for AiGrow Chatbot. When you find this bot, you can add your groups on Telegram. This bot will notify you when a new post is released.

Remember to use this wonderful tool, you have to schedule a post ahead using the smart AiSchedul. Otherwise, the other members won’t know when your post is going to be released to get involved with it. For more information about pods read How to Join an Instagram Engagement Pod.


If you want to be a successful Instagrammer, you better follow the steps of those who are already pros. Surely they can help you to get real followers and show you other hacks to grow your account.

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