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Instagram Pods- The Power of Increasing Engagement

Instagram pods, what are they? and how to make one, or be in one, and why you want to be a part of one? In order to really understand Instagram pods, we need a little history lesson.

Basically, Instagram used to be linear based. What we mean is that you would post an image and people who followed you if they were on at the time, or they scrolled down far enough, would see that image. However, a little while ago, Instagram changed.

They changed to more of a Facebook method! a method that implements an algorithm, and what that does is it basically takes posts and it ranks them, it shows your post to some people and maybe it doesn’t show it to other people, it decides in the background who is going to see your post and who won’t.

This probably does help you see things from people that you want to see, but it does hurt you if you’re trying to be seen, and having a hard time doing so.

What Is An Instagram Pod?

It’s very simple just a group of people who are willing to help each other boost their Instagram posts. People like and comment on each other’s posts to improve everyone’s overall engagement.

How Does It Work?

That’s also pretty simple. It’s kind of cool. Basically, you have a few different ways to do it. There needs to be some base where you can all communicate or know that you’re posting an image.

You get your group of for example 15 people. You can either do a group chat within Instagram or you can go and turn on notifications, post notifications for everybody in your pod, or you can find some other way whether that’s a Facebook group, or if you know each other personally, a text message. Something, where you can all communicate is our purpose here.

After that, all you have to do is when you upload a post (a new image or video), you’ll go into the group and you’ll say: hey, just posted a new image! or if you’re doing it with post notifications, everybody will get an alert that you have posted an image. The idea is for everybody in the group to then go onto the image as quickly as possible because it is time-based. Like it and then comment with four words or more.

Of course, it’s always better to have a comment that is specific to the post. What this does is it tells Instagram that this is a post that people are liking and people are engaging in, and therefore Instagram will show it to more of your followers.

Why You’d Want To Be In It?

The very simple answer is you’ll get your post in front of more people which then should boost views, likes, and comments. Hopefully, other people would find your posts as well. Therefore, it leads to growing your Instagram account.

Is It Good For  Business?

Actually, it makes your business boost up. You can keep in touch with other people who are in the same business and using pods, enhance your business. But you must stick with it. Post and like and comment a couple of times a day. If you do so, then you can hope they do the same back for you.

Is It Practical?

It would not work out if you don’t work it out. You should consider some tips:

    • Take part in several pods. If you don’t have the time, you can consider managing your account by AiGrow.
    • Using management engines, you can experience a good engagement boost even if your pod members are not in the same time zone.
    • Choose pods which you have something in common with.
  • If you haven’t still made it with your current pod, ditch it. Find the righteous ones, maybe sometimes it’s more like a trial and error.

What If You Get Fed Up Doing All These Chores?

There’s a helpful way to manage your account efficiently, using AIGrow makes you able to do it all day, with no procrastination. you have a schedule based manager which likes and comments for you anytime that you have ordered. There’s even an Instagram Desktop version to let you post your images and videos via your desktop, which is not naturally possible without it.

You can read this post in Arabic here.

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