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IG PODs: #1 Instagram Powerlikes Service

Anyone who uses Instagram knows that likes are the currencies of this popular platform. The more the number of likes of a photo, the higher its engagement rate, and the higher its chance to appear on Instagram explore page. That’s why many Instagrammers, especially businesses and influencers, tend to use powerlikes. If you are wondering what powerlikes are, stay with us and read the following carefully.

What are Powerlikes and Why are They Important?

As the name indicates, power likes are huge numbers of the Instagram action “like” from significant amounts of IG accounts. When you achieve this high volume of engagement through receiving powerlikes, your content becomes eligible for being on Instagram explore page. As a result, you will receive even more likes and new authentic followers.

By receiving a large number of likes, Instagram gives you the necessary boost to be among explore page’s posts. This method is one of the essential yet simple ways to go viral on Instagram in 2020. But have you ever think about the ways you can get more likes and even super likes on Instagram?

How can I Get Powerlikes?

Getting tons of likes might seem like hard work to do. You might now think about using Instagram bots or buying pancakes of fake likes. But you need to stop there! These solutions won’t work. Here is the cruel truth about IG bots: They might seem like getting power likes for you, but in reality, fake likes are your enemies.

Let us explain further; since 2016, Instagram introduced its brand new algorithm. The primary purpose of using this new algorithm was to prevent the destructive activities of bots. With this new technology, users should have real engagement with their audience to be able to be seen on their feed. That’s why now when you open your Instagram app, you will see your close friends’ posts first on your feed first, and then other posts from business pages. That’s because you and your friend have a higher engagement rate than you and those business pages.

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Thus, you cannot count on fake likes that bots give you as powerlikes. It would be best if you thought about another way to get real, genuine likes to improve Instagram engagement. Stay tight to introduce you to the best way possible.

Instagram Engagement Groups: The Best Way to Gain Power Likes

Instagram engagement groups or Instagram pods are private networks where many users gather in to improve their IG engagement. To achieve their goal, they regularly donate likes and comments to their teammates. There are many advantages of using an Instagram pod to achieve powerlikes. Let us take a look at IG PODs, one of the best suppliers of Instagram engagement groups, which help you to increase likes on Instagram.


As mentioned, IG PODs is a powerful Instagram marketing tool that offers a set of tools for joining and managing different Instagram groups. In this app, you can find many different types of pods in four primary categories based on size.

So, how using IG PODs engagement groups help you to get powerlikes? To answer this question, we better take a look at some of the many advantages that IG PODs have over other similar platforms.

Variety of Pods

With IG PODs, you can simply find where you belong to. There are more than 80 pods in a wide range of categories. No matter what your Instagram account is about, you will find a suitable match. Even if you are so unique that you fail to find a match, there are some general pods that you can find a place in them.

Here are four main categories of IG PODs based on members:

  1. Super Turbo– 1000+ members,
  2. Turbo– 500 to 1000 members,
  3. Rising– 100 to 499 members,
  4. Starter– under 100 members

As you can see, by joining some groups on IG PODs, you can be sure that powerlikes are yours!

Read this for a step-by-step tutorial for getting started with IG PODs.

Guaranteed Engagement

Unlike other engagement groups, IG PODs groups are leecher free. If you don’t know what leecher is, some people use other members like and comments but never return the favor. Well, sad news for them, IG PODs do not welcome leechers. By continually weekly monitoring, any leecher will be eliminated from pods. So, you can be 100% sure that IG PODs will bring you those power likes that you always wanted.

IG PODs Scheduler

One of the greatest things about IG PODs is that it has a built-in Instagram post scheduler. So, using this app, you hit two birds with one stone. A scheduler is an essential part of the process of engaging in pods. After you joined the pods on IG PODs, you MUST schedule a post to notify your teammates about your upcoming post. If you skip this step and just publish your post in the usual way, the app is unable to give heads up to your pod buddies.

With scheduling your content on the best times of the day for Instagram posting, you have a much higher chance of getting super likes.

Using Telegram Messenger

IG PODs uses Telegram Messenger as a host for its groups. Compared to traditional pods’ hosts such as Instagram DMs or Facebook, Telegram has many benefits. For example, you can rest assured that Instagram will not block you. As you may know, Instagram and its owner, Facebook, are not the big fans of Instagram engagement groups.

Getting Likes without Follow Back

One of the most monotonous things to do on Instagram in the hope of getting more likes and followers is continually to follow other accounts. Well, the good news is using IG PODs, you can gain powerlikes without a follow back.

Joining and participating engagement groups on IG PODs do not require you to follow anyone, but it greatly helps you to gain more followers and likes.

Conclusion on Instagram Powerlikes

Getting powerlikes on Instagram used to be a simple thing to do. But now that automatic bots won’t work anymore, you need to find an effective alternative. Many Instagrammers find Instagram engagement groups the best choice to achieve super likes.

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