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Instagram Scheduling Tool, Why and How to use?

Each business owner or users in Instagram know that Time is like gold in their business. Thinking that just a few posts could take just an hour, to pick the right photo that is relative to your business and come up with the captions. Or also you have to spend 3-4 hours to schedule for your whole week! So using smart Instagram scheduling tool could save your time.

Why you should use Instagram scheduling Tool

1. Saving more time with your PC

If you have a camera then you’re more likely to edit your photos with PC. So, using Instagram scheduling tools will help you save more time and don’t copy your photos to your phone and then upload it. So with your browser upload them in Instagram scheduling tools zone, and then at the specific moment when your audiences are online, smart scheduler engine will post it. As is obvious, post scheduler is always free and also Repost option including URL, HashTags, Location, and Username is available.

Using a free Instagram scheduling tool you can upload with your PC, instead of using your mobile, upload 10 content only by simple drag and drop from your PC. AiGorw with the motto, “Schedule and never come back. We post them directly” will help you focus on your goals.

Don’t forget to Tag your friend just by tapping the picture, then search the username from the

2. Generate better captions and hashtags

Sometimes a particular picture is telling that adding anything else to it, in this case, a caption, would only detract from its meaning and the moment. Captions could be more useful by clearing up confusing visuals, helping a picture be stand out, using hashtags also can be used in captions. Emoji are actual pictures instead of typographies, and also be more joyful, in order to have more visual contacts in captions.

Like with your Instagram captions, it’s important to spend your time researching Instagram hashtags. Adding hashtags, using hashtag generator will help you create multiple hashtag lists and add to your captions just by a few clicks. For example, nature hashtag has more relevant hashtags like #naturephotography, #naturelover, and more and it is mentioned that how often the specific hashtags had used.

3. More tidiness in your Instagram Feed

Plan and arrange your photos in your pc, to have a perfect look feed zone that convinces the users in Instagram when they open your account to be your followers just by posting them in a queue just by simple clicks using Instagram free tools. Curating and creating content just by putting them together in Paint or Photoshop just by griding the blank page and put them in a row, after that your feed will look aesthetics.

How to use Instagram scheduling tool in 3 Simple Steps

1.Best time for posting your photos

When are your customers and followers online? When do they have more engagement?

Before scheduling your posts, knowing your audience activity, according to Instagram latest algorithm Instagram gives priority to posts with higher engagement. The time that you post has more impact on your followers feed.

Finding the best time to post your photos to hack Instagram algorithms in order to get more likes and followers. Well, go to the insights, view your followers’ activity and find the best day and time to post. Using special free tools like AiGrow will help you insert your visuals like the professional social manager.

Post immediately or post like a great Instagram scheduling tool just by adding the specific time to start posting.

2. Manage visuals, captions, and hashtags

After finding out the best time, prepare your content for your Instagram Feed. When you finished collecting your visuals, now you can upload them just by a simple drag and drop in your dashboard. Using captions and also lists of hashtags that have previously created could help you to use the proper hashtags.

Like the figure below, using the simple and free tools will motivate you to enjoy using Instagram and focus more and more on your own business.

Don’t forget to tag your friends in Instagram scheduling tool and your partner in order to have more interaction with them and engage more with your followers.

3. Don’t forget to use for multiple accounts

AiGrow allows you to add as many accounts as you want. Instead of making separate posts by yourself, you can simply share the same content with few changes on your selected accounts using templates offered by AiGrow.

Warning: In order to not being suspended by IG try to post in your accounts by using the specific format mentioned in the figure above. So you can add Time difference. For example, 1 Hour, means that posting them from now till the last account posts, to avoid being detected by Instagram’s artificial intelligence.

In the end, to have more activity in Instagram using Aigrow free Scheduler, check the “Turn ON Auto Response To Comments” that cause a real interaction with your followers and high engagement from your users. Now it’s time to start with the free Instagram scheduling tool to highly rank up in Instagram explore page, feed zone and so. Why don’t you watch the video to understand the whole article just in a few minutes?

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  • Awesome article, Instagram is such a Powerful tool. I know that getting followers is very hard, that's why services like AiGrow really helps you to get more followers.

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