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Instagram Post Schedulers – Pros and Cons

According to statista, Instagram becomes one of the most popular social media networks worldwide. This creates a good opportunity for brands to do their online business on Instagram. But if you are a busy business manager, it’s hard to find empty time for posting continuously. This is where you can employ a good schedule and post easily from your desktop. There are some apps that you can use for scheduling your posts but is it really necessary? In this article, we are going to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of an Instagram post scheduler.

Instagram Post Scheduler – Pros

1) It’s a good time saver

If you are a busy business or website owner, an Instagram Post scheduler could be a very good choice. Instead of posting every day, you can schedule your posts for one week or month ahead by spending one or two hours. This will save a lot of time.

2) It helps you be more consistent

Consistency plays a key role in social media marketing success. An Instagram Post scheduler ensures you keep a consistent quality across the board. It means your posts go alive, you are staying visible and everything is continuing as it should.

3) It helps you reach your target audience better

Based on your lifestyle, you may not be able to make posts when you know your audience is online. Scheduling posts provide you more flexibility. You can schedule your post when you are free and your post goes alive when your audience is checking their Instagram feeds. So, everything works good and your posts get more engagements.

Instagram Post Scheduler – Cons

1) Mistakes may occur

Sometimes you are going to schedule your post for a whole month but things get mixed and you post an irrelevant content. This situation becomes worse when you post wrong content just in the middle of the continuing collection. This may happen when you post your content manually too. But with an Instagram post scheduler, you may realize it a bit later. This might cause your audience to unfollow you as they find your posts confusing.

2) You may seem unresponsive

As we know with an Instagram post scheduler contents go alive when the user is not there. As your post goes alive when you are not there, you won’t notice the activity from your audience regarding the post, and therefore won’t be able to respond in real-time. This won’t have a good result. It might make your audience unfollow you as they find you a bot or unresponsive.

Conclusion of Instagram Post Scheduler

As discussed above, using an Instagram post scheduler has advantages as well as disadvantages. If you are a really busy business manager and can’t post every day, an Instagram post scheduler is a good choice. It’s a good time saver, helps you keep the consistent quality and reach your target audience better. But you should remember posting when you are not actually online might cause your audience to unfollow you as they find your post confusing or find you unresponsive.

There are many tools that offer you scheduling Instagram posts but there are a few of them that can respond to comments automatically. It can cause you to seem more sensitive to your audience. AiGrow is one of them. It also offers some other features that can help you promote your IG account. You can visit the blog and learn more about their service and its benefits.

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