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Top 7 Instagress Alternatives | IG PODs

Wondering what happened to Instagress, the popular Instagram bot-maker? Why Instagram suddenly decided to ban this app? Are you looking for legitimate alternatives for Instagress? If yes, then join us and read this article; we cover it all for you.

With more than one billion active monthly users, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. This fact means Instagram is a vast, crowded digital world. So, unless you are a celebrity, it’s quite a difficult job to find your voice on IG. It’s even harder when you run a business. Because there is always someone better and more renowned than you. So, what shall be done?

What was Instagress?

Instagress was an affordable Instagram-related platform that offered IG bots. You could create your tailor-made bot on this website, and it would help you to increase Instagram engagement quickly. Sound like a dream, right? But there was a severe problem: the engagements were artificial.

The one and the only thing that can help you to survive and thrive in this virtual world is Instagram Engagement. To stay in the race, you need to have a satisfactory Instagram engagement rate. But, the sad but honest truth is, you cannot promote your Instagram with empty hands. That’s why many people started to use Instagram bots. Instagress was one of the tools that build them.

Why Instagram Banned Instagress?

As mentioned before, based on the new Instagram algorithm, the most crucial thing that put you on the list of popular accounts is real engagement from real users. Instagress didn’t use fake accounts, but what it did violated Instagram’s terms of service. Instagress helped thousands of accounts become popular and go viral, only with the help of automation. Thus, by order of Instagram, Instagress stopped all the activities.

Instagress break this sad news to its fans with a tweet on April 20, 2017. This was officially the end of this app and many other similar platforms. After that, people search for Instagress alternatives.

Why You Need an Alternative for Instagress?

You can’t stay like a lone wolf in the online world. You cannot expect that you can increase your engagement rate, only by manual engagement activities. Luckily, there are still some useful tools that can help you to achieve your desired results. And the best part is, there is no banning by Instagram. So, here are some of the best alternatives for Instagress.

Top 7 Instagress Alternatives:

IG PODs: The Best Instagress Alternative

The first and the best option on our list is IG PODs. This Instagram marketing platform has a set of useful tools such as engine growth, a scheduler, and a DM manager to help you promote your Instagram. But one of the best tools that IG PODs offers is Instagram Engagement Groups or, aka pods.

Pods are groups created by Instagrammers on different social media such as Facebook, Instagram DM, WhatsApp, or Telegram. In these groups, all the members have the same Instagram account theme. For example, those who are interested in animals might join fury telegram groups. When a member publishes a post on IG, the others help him to increase the post engagement rate by donating likes and comments.

How to Join IG PODs Groups?

As an alternative for Instagress, Instagrammers have found this technique extremely helpful. IG PODs offers many of these pods. Joining a pod on IG PODs is easy. You should only create an account on their website, add your accounts on the dashboard, and then explore pods.

As all the pods on IG PODs are hosted on Telegram messenger, when you finish joining pods, you MUST go to Telegram and search for aigrow_chatbot to add your selected pods in the app. This bot will notify you about your teammates’ new posts. If you want to benefit from other members’ engagement, you MUST schedule a post with IG PODs scheduler. Also, there are some simple rules that you should obey in Instagram pods.

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Here are some of the most popular pods on IG PODs :

Wolf Global

Wolf Global is another Instagram marketing platform, an alternative for Instagress, that offers pods. It offers viral groups, niche groups, power and turbo like groups, specialty groups, and wave groups. There are certain rules for each pod. For example, members must meet minimum followers’ requirement to enter Viral Groups. If you want to enter the 10k viral group, you should have at least 10k followers.

Here are some of the Wolf Global engagement groups:


The third Instagress alternative is SocialCaptain. This platform claim it can guarantee 85% average follower growth, real, organic followers, and organic likes and comments. Also, it has a live web platform and real-time analytics and reports. One of the features that Socialcaptain boasts about is providing more affordable plans and exclusive discounts for multiple accounts.


Iconosquare provides a wide range of useful tools for you to manage your social media accounts. With its advanced analytics, you can gain a better understanding of your current Instagram issues and find practical solutions. Also, the good thing about this platform is that it allows you to add multiple social media accounts in one dashboard, making it easy to manage all of them.

Moreover, using this Instagress alternative, you can schedule your social media posts and save time. Also, it offers you a better insight into our industry by monitoring your competitors’ accounts. It can be a real help in increasing Instagram engagement.

Magic Social

Magic Social is another Instagress alternative. With its automated growth tools, it claims that it offers you hundreds of real, active followers per month. Also, using Magic Social, your Instagram account will automatically like, comment, and follow targeted users on your behalf.

You can track your growth on Magic Social with the easy-to-read reports and graphs that it offers you. Also, their experts will monitor your results and provide the best strategies for you.


Stormlikes is an Instagram engagement tool that offers real likes. It gathers likes based on location targeting and gender targeting. It also controls the number of likes each post receives and get views as much as likes for videos.

Stormlike comes in different plans. You’ll only get 50 likes with its free plan. Also, you can buy 250 daily likes per post for $19.99. You can tailor-make your package based on the number of likes that you like to receive.

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Everliker: An Extension Alternative for Instagress

Our last option for the Instagress alternative is Everliker. It is actually a chrome extension that only works when your PC is connected to the Internet. Everliker comes in two versions: the free version and the PRO Everliker.

You can add some instructions to this extension to target more specific users. For example, you can the parameter “do not like posts with X” to commend Everliker to ignore posts containing the “X” word.

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Conclusion on Finding an Instagress Alternative

As you can see, although Instagress does not function anymore, using another alternative can help you to reach your goals. So, make sure you use the right one.

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