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Instalike- Top Reviews and Alternatives +

Instagram is one of the most popular social media. Almost one out of seven people in the world use this app monthly. Many individuals and businesses, regardless of their size, use this favorite platform. They use it to display their products or services to the world. But finding a clear, loud voice on Instagram is a demanding task. Luckily, there are many marketing tools like Instalike. These apps can help an Instagram account grow and be recognizable among many similar businesses.

The most vital factor to be a well-known and successful account on Instagram is engagement. If your account does not have a satisfactory engagement rate, your failure is 100% guaranteed. So have higher engagement, you have to be active on Instagram.

This does not mean that you should only update a nice photo and sit back relaxed and wait for followers to tab that little heart. There are rules. So, for a start, let’s see what engagement is and how you can increase it, using tools such as Instalike.

What is Instagram Engagement?

Instagram engagement is a factor that shows the level of your interaction on Instagram. One of the simplest ways to calculate the engagement rate is by adding the number of your likes and comments per post together. Then, dividing it to the number of your followers. Using this formula, you’ll end up with a decimal number. Multiply it to 100, and you’ll get your engagement rate in percentage.

Although the numbers of likes and comments are playing the leading part in the engagement rate, there are other players. Stories’ views, live videos, IGTV, and practically everything that you can do with Instagram are some of them. But, how should you do that?

To stand out on Instagram, you have to be your best in every aspect. That means there are many actions that you can take to increase your engagement on Instagram. So, here are some of the simple ways to do it:

  • Publishing High-quality Content Regularly
  • Choosing Best Time to Publish
  • Running Contests
  • Using Trending and Related Hashtags
  • Engaging with Similar Pages

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But doing all these things might be a little overwhelming, especially for those who are starters or those who have a big audience. You might not be able to take care of all the factors that increase your Instagram engagement.

That’s why you should leave it to the experts like Instalike. Let’s take a closer look at this Instagram marketing platform.


Instalike offers many useful tools to handle your business marketing. Here are some of them:

  • Automatic Likes, Comments, Following, and Unfollowing
  • Promote Unlimited Accounts of Instagram
  • Offline Service: No Need for Installing an App
  • Showing All Instagram Chats in One Place
  • Schedule Videos
  • Send Direct Messages Automatically

You can also try Instalike three days of free trial to get a grasp on its tools. Add as many Instagram accounts that you like and wait for your engagement to grow gradually. After trying the free trial, if you are satisfied, you can purchase one of the Comment Tracker, Promotion and Posting, and Direct Messaging packages.

Moreover, if you prefer to use other alternative platforms to increase your Instagram engagement, here are some of our suggestions:


AiGrow is your best platform when it comes to Instagram marketing. With its wide range of tools, services, and a team of experts, you can be sure that your Instagram business in the right hands. Because AiGrow takes care of every aspect of your Instagram account to increase your engagement to the highest level.

You can use AiGrow Engagement Groups or Pods to experience focused marketing and gaining real likes and comments. Pods are communities where Instagram users from similar business niches join in a group. Also, they help each other to increase engagement in a mutual way.

After signing in to your account, you can join three starter groups for free to start your journey in the world of gaining engagement. After that, you have to search for AiGrow Chatbot on Telegram Messenger. This action will enable you to see the pods’ activities. Then you can schedule a post for your feed using the smart and free AiGrow scheduler.

Remember, you must do these steps; otherwise, you are not able to notify your friends on pods that you have an upcoming post.

Bonus: With the smart monitoring in the AiGrow’s Pods, you will not be irritated by leechers – those users who do not participate in giving and taking.

Also, a powerful follower growth engine, hashtag analyzer, schedule DMs, and handling multiple accounts are some of the other features of this useful platform.

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Graminator is another Instagram growth platform that offers real followers. Auto follows, auto unfollows, direct messages, auto comments, auto likes, and auto reposts are some of the features that this platform offers. It also has a free trial for those who want to test it first.


The third alternative for Instalike is Curalate. This Instagram tool claims it has everything that you want for marketing Instagram in one place. With the Curalate dashboard, you can schedule posts and stories, data of your activities, find content similar to your business, monitor your campaigns, and also have a shoppable gallery and stories.

Hashtags for Likes

The idea of this Instagram marketing platform is practical and straightforward: change your hashtags regularly to gain more likes. Hashtags for Likes help you to achieve more engagement through the powers of hashtags. Thus, it continually monitors the most related and trend hashtags and uses them for your content.

Insta Growth Ninja

The last alternative for Instalike is a Ninja! Try Insta Growth Ninja four-day trial to test its tools such as targeting the market, auto liking, commenting, following, and unfollowing, and Instagram growth. It also offers Instagram engagement groups where you can find users with similar business goals.

As mentioned, growing your Instagram engagement does not have to be a problematic work do to. You can try these Instagram Marketing Tools such as Instalike to effectually increase your interactions with your followers and be heard in the Instagram realm.

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