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LikePool – Top Reviews and Alternatives

Did you know you can gain free likes, just by using your Chrome browser? If not, better stay with us and read this article about Likepool, a free Chrome extension that is designed to attracted likes for your recent IG posts.

Engagement is your ultimate weapon for victory on Instagram. But any great victory comes with high costs. In this case, the price is your precious time. But don’t get cold feet yet. There are many ways to do things fast, which makes you happy in this modern world. Using automatic bots is one of these ways. So, stay tight and read the following to find out more.

What is Likepool?

Likepool is a simple and free Instagram Google Chrome extension that works automatically. It claims that it is 10 times better than other Instagram bots. Likepool only offers likes, and there is no news of auto comments. Basically, this bot creates a pool of users and use these accounts for give-and-take likes.

How Does Likepool Works?

First, you should download Likepool from Chrome Store.

Then go to the Instagram web and sign in to your account. When you install the extension, it automatically shows you the last nine posts on your feed.

You can see the main switch on the top right of the extension. When you turn it on, it means that you are ready to receive likes. Also, in this extension, the “Current Points” indicates the total number of points that you have at the moment. “Today Points” shows the net points that you have right now. It is the point you’ve earned minus the points you’ve consumed. Finally, the “Like Received” indicates the number of likes the bot gained for you.

When you click on the extension, the current numbers of likes for your last nine posts are shown on their relative pictures. Also, if you look closely, you can see that there are little hearts next to each number. These little hearts actually work as switches. If you turn off a photo’s heart, Likepool won’t attract likes for that post anymore. This item comes handy when you want to focus on promoting particular posts.

Also, by clicking on the little gear on the extension, you can set the number of received likes per hour. It is automatically set on 500 likes, which follow the Instagram like limit.

Moreover, within only a few minutes, this bot starts to gain likes for you. You can see the number of your received likes in a little blue circle on the extension logo. How can you get points to use them for new likes? It’s easy; just by being online, Likepool extension gathers points for you.

Likepool Pros and Cons


  • It Is Free
  • Easy To Use
  • No Login Required
  • Immediate Likes after a Few Minutes


  • It Only Likes
  • No Audience Target
  • No Targeted Engagement
  • Cannot be Set Up on Phones
  • Using Only One Account at a Time
  • Not Designed For Marketing Goals
  • Cannot Be Set Up Through Other Browsers
  • No Guarantee for Number of Received Likes
  • Does Not Have Auto-Comment and Auto-Follow
  • Only Works When Your PC is Connected to the Internet

Important Note: The speed and the number of likes that you receive highly depend on active users of the extension. So, you might have different experiences using Likepool. For example, at the time of writing this article, this extension received about 13 likes in 30 minutes.

What are Likepool Alternatives?

As you can see, although Likepool can bring you some likes, the chances that you get real engagement from these likes are considerably low. So, in the following, we introduce you to some of the alternatives for Likepool, in case you wish to try something more professional.


IG PODs is the ultimate Instagram engagement tool. Unlike Likepool, not only it offers real likes from real people, but it also promotes your account in the highest effective way. The secret recipe of IG PODs for being such a powerful tool is Instagram Engagement Groups.

If you are not familiar with Instagram engagement groups or Instagram pods, here is a simple definition: an Instagram pod is a private group where many Instagrammers with similar IG account themes try to increase each other’s engagement by donating likes, comments, shares, and saves.

The main advantage that these pods have over the bots, such as Likepool, is that they are focused on the target audience. For example, if you are a fashion blogger, you can join fashion pods where thousands of other fashion bloggers and influencers are active.

This harmony between the accounts that interact with you produces even a more powerful engagement. Compared to the traditional methods, using an Instagram engagement pod has proved to be remarkably productive to surge the Instagram engagement rate.

How IG PODs Works?

So, if you want to give IG PODs a try, you can start by creating an account on IG PODs. When you entered your email and set a password, you get access to your IG PODs panel. After that, you should add your Instagram accounts into the dashboard. Unlike Likepool which only allows you to promote a single account, with IG PODs, you can add as many IG accounts as you wish.

To explore and join Instagram pods, click on “PODs” on the toolbar, and choose “Discover.” By doing this, you will access to numerous pods in different niche categories. Take your time and join the Instagram pods that best suits you.

After joining pods, now it’s time to go to Telegram Messenger and link your selected groups to Telegram using a Chatbot. So, search for aigrow_chatbot on the search bar. As soon as you add your pods in Telegram, this Chatbot starts to send notifications whenever a new post is released. You should open the message and engage with the post.

If you are wondering why IG PODs uses Telegram groups, read Instagram Engagement Groups or Telegram PODs? Which One is Better?

Here comes the necessary step: go to your IG PODs account and schedule a post with IG PODs Scheduler. Remember, if you skip this step, the members of your pods won’t notify you about your post. As a result, they won’t engage with it; so, no scheduler, no engagement.

Finally, just sit back and enjoy the flood of valuable engagements that runs through your posts.


Just like Likepool, Everliker is also a Google Chrome extension. They both share many similar functions. However, Everliker is a little bit more advanced. For example, with Everliker, you can set specific hashtags or comments to have more control over the bot activity. If you wish to learn more about this extension, take a look at Everliker | Top Reviews and Alternatives++.


Another alternative for Likepool is Likegrowers, although it is not free. To use this bot’s services, you have to buy one of the three like packages available. The good thing about this like bot is that its packages won’t expire. Also, just like Likepool, Likegrowers only offers like. If you are interested, you can read more about this bot on Likegrowers – Top Reviews and Alternatives.

Conclusion on Likepool and Alternatives

In conclusion, Likepool can bring some limited likes to your account. But if you want to promote your accounts and increase likes on Instagram properly seriously, you should choose a tool that best serves you toward this goal.

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