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Want to Know How to Mass Unfollow on Instagram? Keep Reading

If you are a pro-Instagrammer, you may have hundreds or thousands of accounts that you don’t want to continue following. Do you want to mass unfollow Instagram accounts from your follower’s list? Many different platforms and apps can help you to do it easily and quickly. Keep reading this article to understand everything, from reasons to methods of mass account unfollowing on Instagram.

If you use a platform for unfollowing your unnecessary “Following” accounts, you can start the automatically unfollowing process by some clicks. It will remove all users who aren’t following you back without exceeding Instagram limits per day. Like a piece of cake, right?

Instagram Limitation for Unfollowing per Day

The Instagram limit for any action depends on the account’s lifetime. If you have a new account (less than six months old), the Instagram unfollow limit is 500 per day, with 36-48 seconds interval between them. But if your account is more than six months old, the limitation will increase to 2000 unfollow per day. In this case, the gap between each unfollow would be 12-22 seconds.

Please remember that there are no official statements about the limits of Instagram. But according to the experiences, other action’s limits are:

Follow/ Unfollow: It’s counted as the same actions to follow and unfollow. Ten follows and unfollows for every hour will keep your account safe from being suspended.

Likes: The highest amount is one thousand a day. But for all Instagram users, it’s not the same. You should be happy with less than 700 likes per day to maintain your account secure and not locked out.

Comments: It’s between 180 and 200 a day. Don’t publish over and over the same comment. Instagram realizes repetitive comments, and for what you have done, it would punish your account.

Why Do You Need to Mass Unfollow Instagram Accounts?

Here are the four main reasons that you might want to bulk unfollow Instagram accounts:

Reason 1 for Bulk Unfollow Instagram Accounts: You are Reaching Instagram Limitation for Following

The first reason you may need to mass unfollow Instagram accounts is that you might be getting near to Instagram follow limit. On Instagram, you can follow a maximum of 7500 people without getting follow back from them. Thus, when you are approaching this number, you have to unfollow people who didn’t follow you back. Also, this limit doesn’t depend on your account’s age or the number of your followers. So, the number 7500 is a constant figure.

Reason 2 for Bulk Unfollow Instagram Accounts: You Don’t Have the Right Proportion of Your Followers and Followings

The second important reason for using mass unfollow Instagram accounts is that your follower/following ratio is not appropriate. This fact can be harmful to your account. Notice that if you want to be an effective person on Instagram, your follower/following ratio should be more than 2, and for influencers, this number should be above 10. According to this algorithm, your follower/following ratio shows these facts about you:

<0.5 Spammer: You are not familiar with Instagram automation tools, and you are spamming followers in the hope for follow backs.

0.5-1 Suspicious: You are an experienced user of Instagram automation tools, but you are following the incorrect people. Also, you may have weak quality content leading to inadequate follow back rates.

1-2 Normal: You have some achievement with Instagram automation, but to increase more engagement, you need to focus on other strategies.

2-10 Micro-Influencer: Users who are either Instagram automation master or have fantastic content to develop their accounts.

10+ Influencer: Probable to be micro-celebrities or growing stars that are famous on other social media.

Reason 3 for Bulk Unfollow Instagram Accounts: You Want an Unoccupied Feed

If you are following people who are posting everyday times and times, it can be annoying when you open your feed. The best solution for this situation is using an intelligent app or platform to automatically mass unfollow Instagram accounts who are spamming on your feed.

Reason 4 for Bulk Unfollow Instagram Accounts: Get Rid of Inactive Accounts

There are two primary purposes to follow an Instagram account. You either follow a user because you enjoy their content, or you follow a user hoping they will follow you back. They won’t do either if an account is not active. So, there’s no real reason to keep following these people. It will take a lot of time to identify these accounts manually. But, there is an easier way to do this. So, continue reading this article to discover the solution.

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As mentioned before, you can eliminate every account that has one of the above conditions from your following list one by one. But that would be frustrating. Also, if you do this manually, you may face the “action blocked” error from Instagram.

A simple way to mass unfollow Instagram accounts is by using an Instagram automation tool. Instagram automation tools help you to do every action you need on your Instagram accounts. Such as likes, follow/unfollow, leaving comments, and a lot of other things. One of the best automation tools is AiGrow.

How AiGrow Works?

First, go to AiGrow and click on “Free Trial”  to enjoy a 5-day free trial. Then, create an account for yourself by entering a name, email, and password. After signing up successfully, add your Instagram account to your dashboard. Now you are ready to grow.

To read more about AiGrow and learn how to connect your account to AiGrow, click here.

AiGrow has an excellent Growth Engine and a lot of incredible features, such as follow/unfollow strategies, engagements groups, posts scheduler, and many more. After you connect your Instagram account to the AiGrow platform, you can use all of these features. In the “GROWTH ENGINE” tab, you need to specify the speed (slow, normal, fast, or custom) for your growing.

Then, you can set a follow/unfollow cycle. AiGrow works in cycles of follows and unfollows. This number determines that after you have followed a specified number of people, AiGrow will finish following the accounts and start unfollowing them instead.

Not only can you determine the number of accounts you’d like AiGrow to follow — before changing over to unfollowing (any number between 0-7,500)—, but also you can prioritize which cycle you’d want to start first. For example, if you are following 700 accounts and you’d like to decrease that number to 150 before starting, your next follow cycle, simply set the option under “Priority” to “After Unfollow.”

You can also specify the source of the unfollowing cycle. If you choose AiGrow in that part, it will only unfollow the users who were followed by the AiGrow system.


To sum up, you might have many reasons to mass unfollow the Instagram account. No matter what your purpose is, some tools can make it easy for you. So, save an enormous amount of your precious time and let these automatic tools do it for you.

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