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Why Post Scheduler is a Must to Grow Followers on Instagram

Today we will discuss Instargam Post Scheduling. Learning how to schedule Instagram posts is one of the ambitious time saving for social media managers today. Also, what is more, scheduling your Instagram posts has many benefits.

I have studied and some studies have shown that consistency is the key to growth on Instagram, so scheduling your Instagram posts and ensuring regular updates can be a win for any serious Instagrammer- both boosting your Instagram engagement as well as saving your valuable time throughout the day.

Now, I will explain exactly how to schedule Instagram posts and how scheduling can let you save time as well as boost engagement on your post to go through roof.

We have 4 benefits of scheduling your Instagram post: 1) You can save your time. 2) Create and upload content from your computer. 3) You can be posting consistently. 4) Top your post with extra engagement you can get from similar accounts.

1. You can save your time
Posting the perfect Instagram post can be time-consuming substantially if you are creating your Instagram posts on the day you want to be published.

However, scheduling your Instagram posts ahead of time might be a better, advanced way to create and share your Instagram content. By splitting your work, you can avoid the costs related to multitasking and content switching. According to research, by spending an hour or two creating and scheduling your posts for the week ahead, you can save a lot of time and keep a consistent quality across the board.

2. Create and upload content from your system
Now, as you know smartphones are becoming awesome tools for creating content, but sometimes, it can be easier to prepare and schedule all of your insInstagramntent on a desktop. One of the biggest advantages of scheduling your Instagram posts in the web app is that you will have access to images of videos that might not be on your phone.

3. You can post consistently
Consistency plays a key role in social media success. When you are frequently publishing new content, your audience will learn what to expect from you and when it will be posted.

4. Engagement

Will scheduler be useful to increase engagement?

Instagram engagement pods have been getting so much attention in terms of social media marketing. Now you can use a tool such as AIGrow to join as many fully automated and relevant PODs (Engagement groups) which will do a huge work for you to increase your posts engagement in the most organic way. Basically, when you join AIGrow, you can choose PODs which you like to join. In these PODs 100s of other Instagrammers, influencers and many relevant pages are already members. Then, when you schedule your posts to be published via AIGrow’s scheduler, you get 100’s of your group members to come and comment and/or like your post in a matter of minutes right after it is life – all fully automated. This way you get the first couple of hundred organic comments and likes from highly followed Instagrammers. That is the secret sauce to get you what you need to catapult your post into the top of Instagram explore page. Make sure you use as many hashtags you can.

Conclusion: Let’s say you have grown a successful Instagram page. You haven’t missed a day of posting since you created your account and your followers have come to expect it from you. But you need a vacation. Somewhere far, far away, without internet access. You don’t want to disappoint your followers and stunt your growth, so instead of not posting on the days when you’re away, you simply use an Instagram scheduler tool to schedule content for the days when you’re away.

This way, you still get your escape, but you don’t disappoint your followers in the process and also you will get more engagement from your followers.

Every day, and in every way, I am becoming better and better.

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