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Real Followers VIP 2020 | 100% Safe

Real Followers VIP 2020 | 100% Safe

Take a look around you; it seems everyone has an Instagram app installed on their phones. Did you know that one out of seven people use Instagram? This means Instagram is one of the most powerful tools when it comes to online marketing. Actually, based on studies, it’s the sixth effective marketing tool used by renowned brands. So, increasing the number of real Instagram followers is a must for anyone who wishes to success on this platform. Keep reading to find out about the best ways to get real followers in 2020, using VIP services.

How to Get Real Followers VIP on Instagram in 2020?

Nowadays, anyone can simply buy likes and comments for their Instagram account. This might be a temporary solution for attracting more followers, but surely it won’t last long. Thanks to the smart, cutting-edge algorithm of Instagram, fake likes and followers won’t work as they did before. So, to earn and maintain a satisfactory engagement on Instagram, you need to gain real followers consistently, but how?

Luckily, there are Instagram engagement groups that can help you to gain likes and comments by real people. As a result, your engagement rate will be increased and consequently, you get more and more organic and real followers.

How Do Instagram Engagement Groups Work?

Each Instagram engagement group or pod consists of Instagrammers from similar business niches. When you became a member of a pod, you interact with other members to help them grow their Instagram account. You may either like their photos or leave real Instagram comments. In return, they will do the same for you. These authentic likes and comments that you trade with other related businesses will surge your engagement rate and will put you in the spotlight. As a result, you will attract more and more real followers that are genuinely interested in your content.

How to Get Real Followers Using AiGrow?

One of the best platforms that offer guaranteed real followers is AiGrow. AiGrow services come with many different pods in different categories that can help you to grow faster than ever. Also, it has an advanced growth engine that can focus on your target audience and start to attracting them using follow, hashtags, and likes. Especially when you use a VIP service to attract real followers. So, let’s take a closer look at AiGrow to see what it has to offer.

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AiGrow Pods

AiGrow Pods are divided into four major categories, based on the number of members to help you get real Instagram likes. Super Turbo (1000 < members), Turbo (1000 < members < 500), Rising (100 < members < 500), and Starter (members < 100) are these categories.

To access to these pods, go to AiGrow and set up an account for free. Then go to your AiGrow dashboard and add as many Instagram accounts that you wish. You can discover your preferred pods among more than 80 different groups. This will help you to really focus on finding real Instagram likes by your people related to your business. When you finish joining pods, it’s time to install Telegram Messenger to carry out your engagement activities on Instagram from there.

Type AiGrow on your search bar to find AiGrow Chatbot and add your pods. When a pod member publishes a new post, this pod will notify you by sending a message and invites you to engage with the content. For other members to find out about your posts, you need to schedule one using the smart and free AiGrow scheduler that is on your toolbar.

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Here are some of the best AiGrow Pods:

  1. Fashion, Style, and Art
  2. Travel and Fun
  3. Entrepreneurs
  4. LikeBooster
  5. Fitness, Health, and Exercise
  6. Join to Go Viral
  7. Fashion, Style, and Beauty
  8. Insta Viral
  9. IG Influencers and General
  10. Music Lovers

AiGrow Managed VIP For Gaining Real Followers

Using AiGrow Growth Engine is another effective way to collect followers. In your AiGrow account, click on growth to see your activity status and other settings. You can add tags, locations, influencer accounts, and determine how many users you wish to follow and unfollow in each cycle.

Then, it’s time to hit “Start Growth” and sit back and wait to gain automatically more followers. When you add the right settings, you can be sure that AiGrow will find the best candidates that are in your target audience.

The best choice for you is AiGrow Managed VIP. This service offers you a wide range of tools to work with. With a VIP account, it’s guaranteed that you gain more than 500 real followers per month. Also, one of the AiGrow’s experts will perform 30 hours of activities to boost your account exclusively. They monitor your target audience to make sure you’re on the right track.

Moreover, to grow your account more specifically with AiGrow VIP, manual growth activity is available. A team of experts will do following, unfollowing, and likings daily based on Al algorithm. Also, your VIP account has the priority of support.

As you can see, using AiGrow pods and VIP account of AiGrow, you can gain real followers in a faster and more secure way. AiGrow is The Best Instagram Growth Tool, and it won’t let you down.

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