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Robolike | Top Reviews And Alternatives

Of course, Instagram has become one of the most used social media networks. Actually, if you are running a business page on Instagram, you would definitely know how hard it is to gain followers, likes, comments and in one word, increase the Instagram engagement rate. But fortunately, there are some Instagram engagement tools like Robolike that will help you to tackle these problems and grow your attractions on Instagram in the best possible way. In this article, we want to take a closer look at Robolike and review it by details. But first, let’s see what is Instagram engagement rate and how can it be increased!

What is Instagram engagement?

Briefly, the Instagram engagement rate is a percentage that’ll help you know how you have performed on Instagram and did your content really attracted more people or not. Actually, to calculate the Instagram engagement rate you have thousands of years. For instance, there are formulas that depend on Instagram likes, comments, and followers, but some others are more advanced and depend on Instagram views per post too. However, one of the simplest ways to calculate the Instagram engagement rate of your own page is to act like follows:

Step 1) Calculate the summation of likes and comments per post.

Step 2) Divide the summation by the number of followers.

Step 3) Multiply what you have calculated by 100 to find the engagement rate.

This formula is the simplest one you can find and gives you limited information about your performance. Because the real Instagram engagement rate depends on the number of likes, comments, followers, story insights, post insights, IGTV viewers, and almost all the things you do on Instagram. However, the mentioned formula is still one of the most used ones by Instagram users. But now, let’s find out how you can increase your Instagram engagement rate!

How to grow engagement on Instagram?

As you may know, the Instagram engagement rate depends on so many factors. So, to increase this rate you have to care about all the single actions you take on Instagram. However, there are some general tips that might help you to get more attractions on Instagram. For example, you can:

  • Share high-quality content regularly
  • Post at the best time possible
  • Engage with similar accounts
  • Repost posts/stories
  • Interact with followers
  • Write related captions

And so many other things. But, caring about all these things might take a great deal of time and make everything too complicated. So, what can you do instead?

Luckily, using Instagram engagement tools like Robolike you can make sure that your engagement rate increases rapidly. So, if you want to use this platform to grow on Instagram, keep on reading!


A social media engagement tool that can be used to grow on social networks is Robolike. Actually, Robolike is an Instagram auto-liker bot that’ll help you spread your influence. Using this tool you can:

  • Gain Instagram followers
  • Get auto-likes
  • Target Hashtags

And other things to grow on Instagram. But how does it work?

Start with Robolike

To start with Robolike, just open the Robolike website and hit the “Free Trial” button on the top right corner of the screen to sign up on this website.

Then, enter your Instagram username and password, confirm that you’re not a robot and click on login. Note that you have to stay logged in to your Instagram account before signing up on Robolike.

After that, you can go to your dashboard and earn Instagram attractions. Now, let’s review Robolike features, prices, and user sights.

Robolike top reviews

Most of the users that used Robolike are satisfied with it. Actually, this tool costs 7.77$ per month and in comparison to similar platforms is economic. Moreover, it offers a free trial plan that lets users examine all the features and abilities of it and decide to use it or not. However, some users have reported that using Robolike, they get banned from liking on Instagram. Because this tool uses Instagram bots to gain followers and likes, and in a limited time does more than the expected actions. Now, let’s see what are the pros and cons of using Robolike.

Pros and Cons

Some of the pros and cons of using Robolike are mentioned in the following table:

✅ simple and easy to use ❎ uses bots which may cause in account bans
✅ offers customer support ❎ only one plan to purchase
✅ the secured site and payment systems ❎ doesn’t offer schedule/repost features

So, as you see, like all the tools out there, it is not a complete package to use. So, you may need to know some of the best Robolike alternatives to get better results. Hence, keep reading to make the best choice possible.

Robolike Alternatives

Unfortunately, all the human creations in this world are incomplete and none of them are totally flawless. So, it is really natural if Robolike cannot cover all the features you want. But we are all expected to make the best choices in every aspect of our lives to get the best results. In this way, we want to introduce the best 3 platforms that may cover your needs best and become an amazing alternative to Robolike.

#1 IG PODs

One of the most complete Instagram engagement tools that can be used instead of Robolike is IG PODs. IG PODsis a complete package of features that will help you to not only gain followers and likes but also to share the best content you can ever make. Using this platform you can:

  • Schedule posts and stories on Instagram
  • Manage multiple accounts

And also auto-comment on Instagram to interact more with your Instagram followers.

Actually, IG PODs is based on engagement groups or pods that work using Telegram messenger. To increase your engagement rate using IG PODs, it is needed to join the groups and pods that are related to your business type. Luckily, IG PODs lets you join 3 pods for free and to join more pods you can purchase the plans offered by the platform. After joining the intended pods you can exchange likes and comments with other real Instagram users. So, you can be sure that you will not get banned by Instagram at all.

After joining IG PODs groups, you need to join the Chatbot on Telegram. Using this bot, you can follow your growing process on Instagram and see how your results are changing in a short time. However, note that joining these pods is a must-do step. Because using them, your friends and followers will be notified of the upcoming posts and if you don’t join them, this won’t happen. Hence, you will get fewer attractions.

In addition to all the amazing engagement tools you will have using IG PODs, there is a scheduler. Using IG PODs Scheduler, you can make sure that you are posting regularly on Instagram and your followers will not lose the opportunity to get introduced to all your products and services. By this scheduler you will be able to:

  • Schedule posts and stories
  • Share posts on multiple accounts
  • Repost posts and stories
  • Automatically respond to comments
  • Create amazing posts

#2 Audience Gain

Another alternative to Robolike can be Audience Gain. Audience Gain is a social media engagement tool that will help you a lot with growing your attractions on different social media websites. Actually, using it you can grow on Instagram, youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and also SoundCloud. So, it is way better than Robolike.

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#3 PerfectLiker

Another alternative to Robolike is PerfectLiker. PerfectLiker is a free Instagram engagement tool that will help you to get real Instagram likes, follows and in one word, real Instagram attractions. Actually, this platform doesn’t have any extra features in comparison to Robolike. But it is totally free and this is why it can be used instead of Robolike.

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To sum it up, to get better on Instagram you need to grow your Instagram engagement rate. Actually, to increase your engagement rate you have to take care of so many things, but using an Instagram engagement tool you can make things way easier. Robolike is an engagement tool that lets you gain Instagram likes and follows, but it doesn’t have any extra features. However, there are some tools like IG PODs that offer more features and give you the ability to perform better and better every day. So, read the article carefully and make the best choice ever.

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