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While Instagram is growing too fast as a social media platform, marketing on Instagram becomes a huge opportunity for brands to advertise and sell their products. But for a busy social media manager finding time to post consistently on Instagram could be a hassle. This is where you see how important it is to schedule your Instagram posts.

Post schedule benefits

Nowadays scheduling posts on Instagram is one of best time savers for social media managers. They can spend one or two hours per day and schedule their posts for a whole week. This is a good method to save tons of time. Also, scheduling can ensure you keep a consistent quality across the board because consistently plays a key role in social media marketing success. Another benefit of scheduling is that you can upload contents from your desktop. The advantage is that you have access to some sorts of images or videos that might not be on your smartphone. One of the best and easiest web apps that enable you to create your contents before publishing on your phone is AiGrow.

How to schedule your posts with AiGrow

When you are on your dashboard on AiGrow, it’s time to upload your content from your computer. You can easily drag and drop your photo or video into the marked box or click the box to upload your post. Remember you need to keep your file size under 5 MB for photos and 20 MB for videos. There you can tag users you want by clicking on “Tag People”.

After you’ve uploaded your content, it’s better to save your post and then draft your caption, choose your hashtags, mention any other account you’d like to be in your post and find the location you’d like to include.

Now you should schedule your posts for the ideal time. If you want more engagements, you should optimize your posting times in order that more people visit them. The best time is when most of your users are active. Spend some time monitoring your Instagram analytics to learn when the best time to post is for your audience. The best way for this is by using Instagram Insights.

If you are a busy social media manager and don’t have enough time to respond to comments, don’t worry. There is an option, you can turn on auto response to comments and receive its benefits.

Once scheduling is finished, you still have access to your scheduled posts or posted contents. In the “Scheduled” tab, you can edit your content or change the time you’ve set and in the “Posted” tab are able to repost your post or delete them.

That’s it. You have successfully scheduled your post. So hurry up and join AiGrow

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