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Speedygram and Uparseguidores, What they do and Should you use them?

There are numerous growth engines which their primary language is English, but some exist which their main language is in Spanish(Speedygram)/Portuguese(Uparseguidores)/Arabic(Drd3m), etc.

We have been into them recently and we have published some articles in Spanish about how they weigh against some of their heavyweight competitors (AiGrow).

One of the main platforms in Spanish is Speedygram. It’s a platform based on the same concepts of their English counterparts.

The main portuguese platform in the scene is UparSeguidores, It’s mostly about getting followers and likes. The basic thing missing here is that it is NOT about getting relevant followers for your account, it just increases the number.


Speedygram is a growth engine in which the main language is Spanish. With Speedygram you can select the accounts (influencer, competitor) and after that, Speedygram will interact with their followers by liking, following and commenting, keep in mind for this to happen, you have to enter your username and password in their platform to start the process. The same thing can be applied based on Hashtags. It works by giving the platform a hashtag and it will do the same.

You can see some of the screenshots from the platform below:


Uparseguidores is a platform in Portuguese which works in a somewhat different way. First off, you won’t need to create an account in their platform, no hassle, just straight off to a page where you’ll have to enter your Instagram credentials (Username/Password).

By Upar Seguidores you can easily earn 20 likes and 10 followers every 30 minutes. It’s all free. After connecting, Upar Seguidores will bring you to user panel. There are two desired options, Increasing 1- Likes 2- Followers (Seguidores)

1- Likes: By copying your Instagram post link in there, you’ll get 20 likes instantly

2- Followers: you’ll get 10 followers instantly if you choose this option, Keep in mind that you can gain additional likes and followers by sharing your personal link to other Instagram users (Which we could call their referral program)

You can view some screenshots from their platform here:

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