StoriesIG vs. InstaDP- Which one is better to save Instagram Stories in 2019?


Last updated on July 12th, 2019

Sharing stories on Instagram is a great and popular feature which can make a lot of fun for its users. It may happen to you that you see a good story and want to save it, but Instagram has no tool for saving stories. Don’t worry, there are a lot of free tools which help you to download and save stories on Instagram. In this article, we are going to compare two of these tools, StoriesIG and InstaDP. 


StoriesIG is one of the famous tools for downloading Instagram stories. By this tool you can download and save stories then share them on other social networks or keep them for yourself and watch them later, you can also download highlighted stories. The other reason for using this tool is staying anonymous while you are watching someone’s story.

How does StoriesIG work?

Working with this platform is very easy and quick. By doing these 2 simple steps you can download your favourite stories from Instagram.

1- First, go to StoriesIG website and enter the username you want to download stories or stories highlight from. If you dont know the exact username open Instagram and find your user. Then, copy the username and paste it.


2- Now, you can see active stories and highlighted stories from that user. To download any of them, click on that story and in next page click on “Download” bottom under the story.


The other service from StoriesIG is Instasave. By Instasave you can download and save any media including videos and photos from Instagram very simple and easy.


In comparison with StoriesIG, InstaDP offers more features. It means in addition to downloading stories and saving them you can also download full-size profile pictures. On Instagram, there is no option to see profile pictures in full size or even enlarge them. However, by using it you can see profile pictures in real size with high quality and download them free.

How does InstaDP work?

Similar to StoriesIG, you can download any active stories or highlighted stories by InstaDP very easy and fast. Furthermore, it helps to see anyone’s profile picture with original size and quality and also zoom in on someone’s profile picture.

To download stories or profile pictures follow these simple steps:

1- Open InstaDP website by clicking here.

2- At top of the homepage enter username in the search bar.


3- The profile picture will open for you automatically, click on “Download” below the picture to save it on your device.


4- Click on “Stories” to see all of the user’s stories. 

5- Choose your favourite story and click on “Download” below it.


In addition to downloading stories and profile pictures, it has provided some other services. 

  • Tips and tricks on Instagram to become a pro-Instagrammer.
  • A promotion tool to grow your account. (in our test for growing an account by InstaDP’s promotion tool it was approved that it didn’t really change our Instagram account engagement compare to other famous and effectual growth services. Our recommendation is to use other platforms to grow your Instagram stories engagement like AiGrow).
  • An app for iOS and Android for faster searching and viewing HD Pictures named Qeek.


StoriesIG and InstaDP are two useful tools for downloading stories from Instagram but both of them has some extra features compared to another. StoriesIG has a service in order to download photos and videos named Instasave. On the other hand, you can download original size profile pictures by InstaDP.

Also, it has a better toolbar for searching users, you can enter a part of the username and search engine will show you full username. But in StoriesIG you have to enter a complete username with no mistake. Above all, InstaDP has some more services which we’ve mentioned it before.

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