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Stormlikes Review – Is it reliable or scam?

Instagram has become the most popular social media networks all around the world. With billions of daily users, it has become so hard to grow on Instagram. So, what can you do to increase your Instagram engagement rate? Fortunately, there are platforms like Stormlikes that will help you to become successful on Instagram as soon as possible. But is it reliable? In this article, we want to review this platform and introduce some of its alternatives to get better results.

What is Instagram engagement?

Instagram engagement rate is a percentage that lets you know how you have performed on Instagram. Actually, the Instagram engagement rate depends on so many factors. For example:

  • The number of likes
  • Comments number
  • Followers
  • Posts insights

And almost all the little actions you take on Instagram. But how can you calculate the Instagram engagement rate?

Actually, there are different ways to calculate the Instagram engagement rate. However, one of the simplest ways to calculate your engagement rate is to calculate the summation of the number of likes and comments per post. Then, divide the calculated number by the number of followers. Finally, by multiplying the result by 100, you can find your Instagram engagement rate.

Definitely, this formula doesn’t inform you about your performance in the best way possible. Because, as mentioned above there are so many factors affecting this rate. By the way, this is the most used formula by users because it is really easy to get.

But how can you grow on Instagram? What can you do to increase your Instagram engagement rate? To answer these questions, keep on reading!

How to grow engagement on Instagram?

There are so many general and easy tips to grow on Instagram. For example, you have to:

  • Share high-quality content  posts on Instagram regularly
  • Interact with your followers
  • Engage with similar accounts
  • Post at the best time possible

And so many other factors.

However, as you can guess, caring about all these factors and making sure that you are doing the best is really tiring and takes a great deal of time. So, what can you do to get better results in a shorter time? Luckily, there are platforms like Stormslike that will help you to go through all these problems and get the best possible results. Now, let’s see how Stormlikes can help you!


One of the engagement tools you can use to get more likes and attractions on Instagram is Stormlikes. Actually, Stormlikes is an Instagram engagement tool that will give you features to grow on Instagram. Some of the features of this platform are as follows:

  • Get real likes
  • Location targeting
  • Gender targeting
  • Control the number of likes each post receives
  • Get views as much as likes for videos

And some other features.

So, it is better to say that Stormlikes is an auto-liker tool for Instagram. But how to work with this platform? Let’s find out!

Start with Stormlikes

To start with Stormlikes, open the Stormlikes website and click on the “Buy Likes” button on the top right corner of the page.

Then, choose one of the plans offered by the website and click on the “Purchase” button. Fortunately, there is a free plan that allows you to earn 50 likes for free and examine the platform to make a decision.

Now, you just have to enter your Instagram username to start the process of receiving real likes.

But does it really work? Or it is just a scam? To answer these questions let’s see some of the user reviews.

Stormlikes Review

Actually, as we tried at the time of writing this article, the Stormlikes services were unavailable, but the website claims that it is temporarily.

However, it has been reported so many times before that this platform is just a scam and it doesn’t work. Hence, before purchasing any plans on it, make sure that the system is not down anymore. Now, supposing that this platform works, let’s see what are the pros and cons of using it!

Pros and Cons

Actually, in comparison to similar platforms, Stormlikes has so many pros. But actually, the danger of not working is one of the biggest cons of it. By the way, let’s see what are its pros and cons in brief:

✅ simple and easy to use ❎ sometimes unavailable
✅ has a free trial ❎ doesn’t contain accounts management
✅ starts the liking process immediately ❎ doesn’t offer schedule/repost features
✅ targeting features ❎ the free trial is just for 50 likes

So as you see, it is essential to know some of the Stormlikes alternatives to get the best features and results and also work without the fear of using a scam!

Stormlike Alternatives

Unfortunately, none of the creations existing in this world are flawless. So, it is natural that Stormlikes cannot answer to all your Instagram engagement requirements. But it is for us expected to make the best decisions and get better results. Therefore, we want to introduce the best 3 platforms that may cover your needs better than Stormlikes and help you achieve your Instagram goals.

#1 IG PODs

One of the most complete Stormlikes alternatives you can ever find is IG PODs. IG PODs is a complete package of features that ensures your Instagram engagement rate and let you know that your Instagram business is in the right hands.

Actually, IG PODs works by engagement groups or pods that are based on the Telegram messenger. In order to grow on Instagram using IG PODs, you have to join related groups and pods and exchange Instagram attractions with real Instagram users. So, you can make sure that Instagram does not ban you from different actions at all, because IG PODs is not based on bots. Also, note that IG PODs allows you to join 3 pods for free and examine the features to decide deliberately.

When you have joined the IG PODs groups, you need to start working with the Chatbot on Telegram messenger. Using this bot, you can see how your Instagram is growing and your results are changing in a short time. However, note that you have to join this bot. Because if you don’t, people will not be notified of the upcoming posts. So, the growing process doesn’t work as it has to.

Now, let’s take a closer look at some of the IG PODs features:

IG PODs Scheduler

In addition to all the amazing engagement tools you will have using IG PODs, there is a scheduler that will help you to save a great deal of time working on Instagram. Using the IG PODs Scheduler, scheduler you will be able to:

  • Schedule content at the best time possible
  • Share posts on multiple accounts
  • Repost content
  • Auto-respond to comments
  • Create amazing stories

And so many other things. So, IG PODs is for sure better than Stormlikes.

#2 Robolike

One of the Stormlikes alternatives can be Robolike. Actually, Robolike is just like Stormlikes and doesn’t have any extra features but the following feature. However, it is safer than Stormlikes and there are no reviews reporting that it has stopped working. So, if you don’t need any features more than just likes and follows, Robolike can be a good alternative. Moreover, you can read a complete review of this platform here.

#3 Audience Gain

One of the other Stormlikes alternatives is Audience Gain. Audience Gain is another social media engagement tool that will help you increase your engagement rate on many social media networks such as Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and also SoundCloud. So, it is way better than Robolike.

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In a nutshell, in this era of technology and with the wide range of Instagram use, it is hard to grow on Instagram and make progress. Moreover, there are thousands of factors to care about to grow on Instagram. But fortunately, there are platforms like Stormlikes that can help you increase your engagement rate in a shorter time. Stormlikes is an auto-like tool that lets you gain Instagram likes even by user targeting, but it doesn’t have any other features. So, using some tools like IG PODs you can get better results. IG PODs offers more features and gives you the ability to perform better and better every day. So, read the article carefully and make the best choice ever.

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