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Ever wonder how some people get so many likes just after they publish their posts? Want to know what is their secret? Well, the good news is, you don’t have to be a celebrity to increase likes on Instagram. In fact, by taking some really easy steps, you can join many Instagrammers that receive more than thousands of likes per each post. So, read the following to find out how you can get super likes for Instagram.

Why are Super Likes for Instagram Important?

As you surely know, just like comments, likes are one of the critical factors that determine the level of Instagram engagement rate. So, the number of likes that you get and people can see beneath your photo is like a big billboard that says: Hey! Look, my posts are popular!

Super likes for Instagram are vital to attracting costumers if you are running an online business. It shows that people trust you. Also, if you are a freelancer, the more likes you have, the higher that a brand work for you to promote their brand.

You might now be thinking about the recent changes that Instagram has made about hiding the number of likes. Well, even if the company hides all the likes, you still need super likes for your Instagram to maintain your popularity. Because likes might be completely hidden shortly, but they still have the same power as they had before.

As mentioned above, in calculating the Instagram engagement rate, the number of likes greatly matters. Also, other factors that affect Instagram engagement are comments, shares, saves, and even stories. Here are 10 Important Tips to Increase Instagram Engagement in 2020.

How to Get Super Likes for Instagram?

Many ways can help you to get super likes on Instagram. Some of these ways are:

  • Publishing High-Quality Content
  • Use a Scheduler to Post Regularly on IG
  • Choosing the Best Time to Post
  • Write Engaging Captions
  • Use the Right Hashtags and Geotags
  • Work with Influencers

Also, to read more about these ways, read 7 Ways to Get More Likes on Instagram 2020.

Besides all the items mentioned above, there is a faster and easier way to get Instagram super likes: Instagram Engagement Groups.

What is an Instagram Engagement Group?

As the name indicated, these groups are consisting of Instagrammers who wish to increase their engagement on Instagram. In these groups, when a member publishes a post on IG, all the other users will engage with it by either liking the post or leaving a comment. As you can see, this way, the engagement rate will suddenly surge, and chances for getting super likes for Instagram are much higher.

There are many types of Instagram engagement groups or pods out there. For example, people might create a pod on IG DMs, Facebook, WhatsApp, or Telegram. However, most users found that Telegram Messenger is the best place to carry their engagement activities. So, want to how you can find perfect pods? Continue reading.

What is the Best Engagement Groups to Get Super Likes for Instagram?

Among thousands of pods that you can find on different social media, some are more worthy than the others. In the following, we’re going to introduce one of the Instagram platforms that host these Instagram engagement groups. This app can help you get super likes for Instagram.


IG PODs offers a wide range of tools for Instagrammer to get super likes for Instagram. One of the good things about IG PODs groups is that all of them are created inside Telegram, which is the best and safest method to use a pod.

Moreover, based on the size, there are four main types of Telegram engagement group on IG PODs:

  1. Super Turbo (1000 < members),
  2. Turbo (1000 < members < 500),
  3. Rising (100 < members < 500),
  4. Starter (members < 100).

Another thing that makes IG PODs groups special compared to other pod providers is that they come in different topics ad categories. No matter what your account is about, there is always a match for you. For example, you can see top pods on IG PODs that can help you get super likes on Instagram as below:

As you can see, IG PODs covers most general categories. It even has some more specific pods for sub-niches. For example, here are some of the best IG PODs pods related to fashion that can help you get super likes on Instagram:

How to Join IG PODs Groups to Get Super Likes for Instagram?

First, go on IG PODs website and create an account. When you sign in, add as many IG accounts that you like. Then choose one of them on your dashboard and click on manage account. Go to the toolbar and click on PODs. Then start to explore and join the pods that you think you most fit into.

After that, go Telegram Messenger and type aigrow_chatbot on the search bar to add selected groups into the application. Then go back to IG PODs and schedule a post using the smart IG PODs Scheduler. Your Chatbot on Telegram will notify the members when you schedule a post, and they will engage with your posts as soon as possible. This way, you will get those super likes for Instagram that you always wish for.

Conclusion on Instagram Super Likes

In conclusion, you cannot expect to gain Instagram super likes overnight. It would be best if you built it step-by-step. Just avoid using traditional bots or buying likes and instead use new safe and secure technologies.

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