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10 Important Tips to Increase Instagram Engagement 2020

The long-term, considerable success of your business on Instagram depends on one single thing: Instagram engagement. This factor plays a vital role in determining the worth of your page by the Instagram complicated algorithm. So, you should put a lot of time and effort to increase your Instagram engagement.

10 Important Tips to Increase Instagram Engagement 2020

The good news is, when you grow your Instagram engagement, the other aspects of your IG business will promote with it. There are many definitions of Instagram engagement, but all of them can be simply put in this way: the level which your audiences on Instagram involve with your content. Also, to grasp a better understanding of this concept, you can turn it to a number by measuring the Instagram engagement rate.

But, Instagram constantly changes its criteria for IG engagement. So, how can you know what to do with this ever-changing algorithm? Well, don’t worry, in this article, we’re going to show you the most useful tips to increase your Instagram engagement. So, sit tight and read them carefully.

Post Consistency

Did you know over 95 million photos are shared on Instagram each day? Sounds crazy, right? So, with this massive volume of photo-sharing, why not post every day? If you run a business, you have to make sure you are visible to your potential customers by regularly posting photos and videos on your IG feed. This way, you show you care about your business, and you always have something to say.

But be careful! Regularly posting does not mean you make some cheap photos and caption up just to post something. You should also care about the quality of the content that you are sharing. And don’t overshare! Your followers will be annoyed to see ten posts lined up in their feeds.

This matter highly depends on your type of business. If you post three times per day and it works perfectly for you, it’s okay. But most businesses prefer to post one photo each day. No matter how you plan to publish posts on Instagram, make sure you stick to it.

It appears that having a rhythm in posting your content is more important that what you think. To achieve this rhythm, you can set up a social media calendar and use an Instagram scheduler to be consistence in publishing posts.

When your followers see you in perfect intervals, you’ll be an indispensable part of their daily routine. You become like an online friend who stops by once or twice a day in their feed.

Believe in Power of Stories

Ever since Instagram introduced Stories, its appearance and usage dramatically changed. Stories have become more and more popular. They only last for 24 hours, and above all, they are fun. Many useful features can be used to increase your Instagram engagement via stories. Here are some of the few examples of the actions that you can take with stories.


With the Instagram story poll, you can ask simple questions from your followers. Most people don’t mind taping on one of the choices. This option is a great way to find out more about your followers’ preferences among two alternatives. It does not have to be serious questions; add a little fun to it.


Everyone loves competitions. The good thing about the Instagram quiz is that the moment you choose an answer, it shows you whether it was correct or wrong. It even rewards you by party horns and streamers if you answer correctly. So, why not use this feature to increase Instagram engagement?


The Instagram question is another great way to interact with your followers. You can simply write, “Ask us any question,” or “Share your opinion” and post it as a story. Then, you can answer that question and again, post it as a story. This way, your audiences know you read all their words and actually care about their feedback.


The countdown can bring a lot of excitement into your IG account. If you’re going to introduce a new product or any upcoming event, a countdown on your Instagram can warm things up. You can add a little element of mystery to arouse your followers’ interest.


What’s better than messaging your followers directly? If you use the Chat button on your story, the followers will request to join your chat by hitting that button. Soon, you’ll have a group in DM full of your active followers. This way, you can identify your loyal followers who actually care about you.


Hashtags can help you to be seen outside your account territory. Most of the time, people use hashtags only for their posts on the feed, but never forget to use them on stories as well. Use the right hashtags, and you’ll soon realize their power.

For example, if you put a photo of your brand’s latest product on your IG story, say a super cool sweater, you can use the right fashion hashtags. Then check your views to see how many new people, aside from your followers,” found your story by tags. Also, make sure you add a geotag. You can find this option in stories as “location.”

Using Gif, emoji slider, music, mention, location, filters, and links are other great ways to increase your Instagram engagement by stories.

Use UGC to Increase Instagram Engagement

User-Generated Content or UGC is like a golden opportunity to grow your Instagram engagement. If you have a business, tell your followers to take a picture while using your product or services and post them on Instagram using your unique hashtags. Then, repost those pictures and mention or tag them on your post. Not only this method makes your followers more loyal to your brand, but it also attracts many new likes and followers.

Instagram is the New YouTube: IGTV & Live

Zenith predicted that there would be a 25% increase in watching online videos in 2020. Back then, you could only upload one 60-second video on your account on each post. But now, there are other ways to share videos more easily on Instagram. The 60-second video limitation for each clip is still on, but you can upload a longer video in several parts now.

But there are better options for you to work with videos to increase your Instagram engagement. Instagram Live is a perfect option for those who prefer to share exciting moments or virtual face-to-face communication. The good thing is that you can save your live after you finish it and then put it as a story. The limitation for an IG live is one hour.

Another option for uploading videos is using IGTV. It’s for watching the long-form, vertical video and can come real handy. So, next time you wanted to post a video, take a moment and decide which one of these IG features are the best suit you.

Content is King

Everyone in the virtual world agrees on one thing: Content is King. No matter how much you try hard to engage with your audience, if you don’t provide them an attractive and high-quality content, they will eventually abandon you. Although photos are an essential part of the content, with hiding likes in the near future by Instagram, other parts of content, like texts, are becoming more and more important.

That’s why you should put extra effort into writing good captions. Use any resources that you need to write a catchy, surprising, and exciting caption. Use stickers, ask a question, or use a quote. Pay attention to the length of your text. Some posts require more extended captions. Don’t be shy and use all of those 2,200 characters to explain your post.

Try to add a call to action (CTC) to every caption that you write. You can ask a question from the followers and ask them to leave the answer a comment. Try to speak to them directly; after all, they are the ones who are reading your words and seeing your photo.

Host an Instagram Contest to Increase Instagram Engagement

Contests are great for attracting likes and comments, which eventually leads to an increase in Instagram engagement. Set a good prize and run a like-to-win or comment-to-win contest. As a competition rule, you can tell them they should mention three of their friends in a comment. Soon, you will see how much contents are useful for gaining more likes, comments, and even followers.

Reply to Comments

When someone leaves a comment on your post, try to respond to them appropriately. This shows your followers how much you respect them. Even if they say something that does not have an answer or you can’t comment on it, you can simply like their comment. So, the next time someone asks you a question in your comments, make sure you answer them.

Replying to all comments might seem an impossible job, especially for those who have tons of followers. To answer all the comments, some people use Instagram comment bots to do this on their behalf. This might seem the most straightforward way, but it is certainly not the best way. Using IG comment bots can lead to some really awkward situations! So, be careful with your choice. There are better alternatives to these bots, which we know as pods. Read the last top to find out more about.

Create Savable Content for Your Feed

Many people believed introducing the save option of Instagram was the end of Pinterest. Increasingly, people use Instagram as a tool to save their favorite things like quotes, dresses, shoes, food recipes, and so on. Why not you create a savable post?

To make people save your post, you need to offer them the right content. Think of any exciting fact that worth saving. For example, if you run a delicious food Instagram account, you can publish a post of preparing a mouth-watering meal. Make sure you write a clear step-by-step caption and upload multiple photos, or even better, videos. That’s how Jamie Oliver does it:

Well, who doesn’t want to save that and come back at it later? You can also do a short makeup tutorial, fitness tips, teach languages, DIY, infographics, charts, or any other creative ideas and useful information that you come across. It’s a great way to increase engagement, as Instagrammers will frequently revisit your post.

Work with Influencers to Increase Instagram Engagement

If you are willing to spend some money, Influencers are great choices to boost your Instagram engagement in a really short run. As the name indicates, these popular and influential people have a tremendous influence on their followers. Their audience respect and trust them. So, when they promote your page in their unique way, you have a very high chance of increasing your engagement rate.

Are you thinking about how much money you should put aside to work with an influencer? Don’t worry; you don’t have to start with expensive ones. There are many micro-influencers out there waiting for starting a business with you. In fact, these influencers might have fewer followers than seven-figures, but some studies show that they have a higher engagement rate compared to the big names, due to the close-knit relationship with their audience.

Join an Instagram Pod

Last but not the least tip that helps you to increase Instagram engagement is joining Instagram engagement groups. These groups are great tools to increase engagement rate. Instagrammers found this method of gaining engagement extremely helpful. Instagram engagement groups or pods are private communities where hundreds and thousands of Instagrammers with the same account theme help each other to increase the engagement rate.

Members of pods regularly interact with each other via likes, comments, shares, and saves. It’s a mutual back-starching strategy. One of the good things about these groups is that you interact with accounts related to your niche; hence, the effect of these interactions will be stronger than other regular ones.

Many Instagram marketing platforms offer engagement groups. But you have to choose the pods that are suitable for you, from the right provider. One of the best options in the market is IG PODs. Let’s take a closer look at this brand new Instagram app.


IG PODs is an online platform that offers various tools to its customers to grow Instagram engagement. It hosts many Instagram pods on Telegram, which has many advantages over the traditional DMs groups.

One of the facts that make IG PODs outstanding among its competitors is its variety of groups. No matter what your page is about – whether it’s a business or personal – you can find your match. Even if you’re not quite sure about your niche, there’s still a pod for you to join.

How IG PODs Works?

To use IG PODs, you have to create an account on their website. Then, you can add your IG accounts on the dashboard. After that, you should click on PODs on the toolbar to discover the groups that are the best work for you. There are four main types of groups on IG PODs:

  1. Super Turbo (1000 < members),
  2. Turbo (1000 < members < 500),
  3. Rising (100 < members < 500),
  4. Starter (members < 100).

When you are done joining pods, you must install the Telegram app and add the selected groups to your Telegram using aigrow_bot. Now you are all set to increase your Instagram engagement. This Chatbot will notify you about the new posts that your teammates publish, and you should engage with them. In return, when you schedule a post with IG PODs Scheduler, all the members notify about your post and donate their likes and comments.

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In summary, we introduce you to some of the best tips to increase your Instagram engagement. Among them, some are more effective to use. So, try these tips to make sure you won’t fall behind your competitors.

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