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Top 2019 FREE Instagram Engagement Pods

Instagram is a fast-growing platform with over one billion active monthly users. Like any social media network, apart from the number of followers, Instagram success is also measured by your audience size and engagement rate. If you are worried about your follower number, there are some Instagram Followers Apps to help you get followers. But in this post, we are going to discuss what Instagram engagement pods (Instagram engagement groups) and autopods are and how to grow Instagram engagement.

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Audience size = number of photos

Engagement rate = the number of people interact with your posts (share+ comment+ like)

Why you need engagement?

Working towards rate is important for many reasons:

  • Firstly, it allows you to build your audience faster and for free. The more people engage with your content the more followers you attract.
  • Secondly, it strengthens the relationship you have with your audience and increases the chances of your brand being top of mind.
  • Thirdly, the more engaging your audience, the more likely they will become brand evangelists who will spread the word about your brand.

What are Instagram engagement pods?

Instagram engagement pods (groups) are groups of different people when someone posts on Instagram, other members in that group like or comment on his post. So, he/she has higher chances of landing on the explore page, get more reads and gain more followers.

There are a few types of Instagram engagement pods:

Instagram DM groups

DM group is the easiest way of getting engagement since you only DM other accounts. You may ask what kinds of accounts you should DM?

Obviously, you need to direct message those accounts with a higher number of followers, similar niche and accounts with repetitive engagers.

You can start your own Instagram engagement groups. The whole point is to get high-quality engagement from your followers. Moreover, you’re going to do the same for them in return. This is a great way to promote your engagement.

Facebook engagement groups

Facebook groups are great because they’re often targeted, from beginners to experts, and like Instagram growth group, you can quite start your own engagement group just from the members there which makes it a great place to engage.

Here are some Facebook pods on Instagram:


Instagram Marketing Pod

Instagram Posse – Travel

Travel & Photography Instagram Engagement Pod

Instagram Engagement Beauty / Fashion / Photography

Fitness Instagram POD!

Instagram Marketing Mastermind

Markestry Instagram Pod

Instagram Comments & Likes Growth Group

Like, Comment, Save (IG)

Telegram engagement groups

Another place to find Instagram engagement pods is Telegram engagement groups. It is hard to find someone with the same interests since there are a lot of people in different Instagram engagement groups. Therefore, you need a Telegram bot to do that for you and yet hard to find because they’re off of the Instagram platform.

Here are some top Instagram engagement pods on Telegram:


Comment Groups

BoostGram Dx5

BoostGram Dx8

BoostGram Dx10

Like Groups

BoostGram Dx10 Like

BoostGram Dx20 Like

BoostGram Dx30 Like

Like & Comment Groups

BoostGram Influencers

BoostGram Travel

BoostGram Fitness

Like Bots and Groups

Vision Media 20k+ Bot (1k+ likes)

Vision Media 50k+ Bot (2k+ likes)

Vision Media 80k+ Bot (3k+ likes)

Revolution Bot (25k+)

Fast Likes


BOOST Like Rounds

FuelGram Like Rounds

Republic Like Rounds

Instagains (10k+)

FEG likes

Boost like

Explore More Like Rounds

Vision Media Like Rounds

IG Mass Likes

Comment Groups

BOOSTUP Comments

Instagainscomment (10k+)

Explore More Comments

FEG Comments

Vision Media comment chain

BOOST Media comments

Growth Comments+ Likes

IGERS Comment

Boost Comments Group





Instagains Market

OG Market

Egn Market

Shopping center

IG Marketplace

Face Market

E1 Buy and Sell

Beta Buy and Sell

Infinity Market

Beavers Market

InstaEmpire Market

Instagram Ventures Market

Exclusive Market

Buy and Sell IG

MM Marketplace

Social Media Market

Americana Market

Millionaire Mafia Market

FEG Market

Elite Buy/Sell

Project Market

Buy and Sell Market

Discover Marketplace

Global Market

Revolution Bot (25k+) L/C

Vision Media FL Help

Furry Telegram Groups

Furry Stickers

Furry Stickers Chat

Furry Chat +20

Reddit Furry Chat

Georgia Furs



Lusty Furs

Colorado Furries

You can find Wolf Global engagement groups here.

Engagement Autopods

Autopods are the kinds of Instagram engagement groups that you engage with every post which is uploaded by a member. This means you’ll get genuine engagement from the members of the group automatically in addition to the regular amount of engagement you get from your followers,

Engagement autopods work differently according to the theme rules of the Instagram engagement groups. For example, some groups may be involved in fashion while another group may only be for activists. The more people you engage with the better your post gets in the eyes of Instagram and goes viral.

A tool called AiGrow has provided Instagram autopods. You can join different Instagram engagement groups there. Running a manual engagement pod can take a lot of time since you have to drop your posts into the group at the expected time. With AiGrow autopods, you don’t have to worry about any of those.

Here are some important FREE Instagram engagement groups (autopods) on AiGrow :

Fashion, Style and Art


Travel and Fun

Fitness, Health and Exercise


Real Estate Agents / Investors

Fashion, Style, and Beauty

Music lovers

Business Blast

Join to Go Viral


Insta viral


Dog Lovers

IG Influencers & General

Real Estate and Entrepreneurs




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