Step-by-Step Tutorial to Get Started with Pods


IG PODs is a cutting-edge application where you can find various types of Instagram engagement groups. This app has considerable advantages compared to other similar platforms that make your Instagram account heaven for you and your audience. So, read the following step-by-step tutorial to see how you can use IG PODs.

Step One: Sign Up to IG PODs

The first thing that you should do is signing up for IG PODs. Click on “START FREE” on top of the page, right hand.


Enter your first name, your last name, your email address, and your preferred password. Remember, your password must be six characters long. Then hit the “Register Now.”


Step Two: Add Your Instagram Accounts

When you finish signing up to IG PODs, now it’s time to add your Instagram to the dashboard. Click on “Add Instagram Account” and enter your username. You might wait for 15 seconds while the app is fetching your account.

After IG PODs found your profile, select your country and city and then hit the “Confirm Account.” And that’s it. As simple as that! Remember, you can add as many IG account as you wish into your dashboard.


Now you are on your account manager. Here, you can find all your necessary tools for managing your account and Instagram engagement group. Let’s take a tour and discover them.

Step Three: Discover and Join Pods

On your toolbar, there are two options: PODs and Scheduler. Choose PODs, and then click on discover. This section enables you to explore more than 80 different pods. As you can see, these pods are categorized into four main groups:

  1. Super Turbo (1000 < members),
  2. Turbo (1000 < members < 500),
  3. Rising (100 < members < 500),
  4. Starter (members < 100).


It is better to choose the pods that are related directly to your niche. Also, pay attention to the size of the groups as well. For example, if you just started your activity on Instagram, it is better to choose a starter or a rising pod. So, make sure you explore all the pods on IG PODs to find suitable matches.

Tip: If you want to save time, you can search for your pod using the search box. Enter any keyword that you have in mind, IG PODs shows you the most relevant pods in all four categories.


Here are some of the most popular pods on IG PODs

As you can see, there are general pods on IG PODs as well. That means even if you are not sure which category your business falls into, you can still use general pods such as LikeBooster.

When you find your suitable pods, click on “Join Group.” Join as many pods as you wish. Remember, the first three starter pods are for free.



If you want to get even more likes and comments, you can purchase more Starters or Advanced Packages.  


Although most of the pods don’t require any admin approval, some of them do. You can see and manage your “Joined” and “Waiting Approval” groups on the toolbar. Also, if you created your own pod, it will be on the “Mine” tab.

By clicking on each pod or clicking on “About,” you can see more information about that engagement group. For example, how the members interact with each other. There are four ways of engagement in IG PODs: like, comment, save to collection, and share with Instagrammers.

Moreover, pay attention to the type of activity of the pod that you join in. If you are seeking for more comments, choose a pod that offers comments as part of the engagement.

 Step Four: Add Your Pods to Telegram Messenger

To use IG PODs, you must install Telegram on your device. Telegram Messenger is a free cloud-based app that works on Android, iOS, or Desktop. After you install this app, you should add your groups into Telegram, using a Chatbot. To do this, you can simply type aigrow_chatbot in your search bar.


Then, join the Chatbot and link your pods with Telegram by taping on the link that the bot gives you.


Now you all set up! This Chatbot will notify you about all the posts that your teammates share. Also, you should participate in the group activity by liking photos, leaving a comment, sharing a post, or saving it in your collection.

Step Five: Schedule Your Post

If you want others to get an alarm for your post, you MUST schedule a post. Please know that this is a mandatory step, and if you skip it, others won’t know about your post at all.

To schedule a post, go back to your dashboard on IG PODs and click on “SCHEDULER” on your toolbar. Then choose to schedule a feed.

After that, you can set a link for your post, write a caption, upload photos, and videos, and even search for hashtags and geotags. Finally, set a time and date and hit the “Schedule Post.”

And that’s all! With these five simple steps, you will be able to attract so much more engagement into your feed. Only within a few hours, you can see numerous likes and comments that flooded into your posts.

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