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If you are about to start a business or just run one, you consider Instagram as an advertisement tool. In this article, we will observe one of Instagram’s growth tools, “wolf global,” and the alternatives.

Instagram Engagement- What does it mean?

Instagram lets you introduce and advertise your products. Instagram is one of the best social media that over a billion people are actively using that regularly.

You may have noticed that it’s not easy at all to grow your Instagram account or attract the users who are interested in your products and services. What’s the solution? To improve your Instagram account, you need to know how the growth algorithm works on Instagram. The bad news is that Instagram has been changing its growth algorithm recently.

The first solution that comes to your mind is hiring a manager, but it’s not cost-effective at all. What should we do then? “Instagram growth engine” is the solution.

Instagram growth engines are the platforms that have been developed to grow your Instagram account. They improve your Instagram account on your behalf automatically or manually or semi-automatically. One of the services they mostly offer, such as wolf global, is the “Engagement group” or “POD.”

What are engagement groups and how they work

Do you know what happens when you like a post on Instagram, leave a comment, share it, or save it? You are making more people visit your content. More likes, comments, and shares mean more views. We call these interactions as “Engagements.” “Wolf global” is one of the services which provide you with the Instagram engagements.

Engagements are one of the very first steps in growing your Instagram accounts, but what about the “Engagement groups,” what are they, and how do they work?

As they said, “union is a strength,” what’s the point here?! It would take a lot of time to get eligible engagements on your posts to let them be visited more. So you need some people to help you in this regard and ignite the fire.

In this regard, users have created groups whenever it is possible mostly on “Facebook,” “Telegram,” or “Whatsapp” and collected the Instagram users there. What happens there is, users, leave their Instagram post URL link there, and other users open the link and give it like, comments, save and share. It happens to all of the group members.

“Wolf global” engagement groups

Wolf global” is one of the platforms that has created some of these engagement groups in the Telegram application. We are going to review their Telegram bots and groups here.

“Wolf global” currently has over 60 active engagement groups. Here’s a list of the engagement groups they offer:

To join the engagement groups, You need to follow the below steps:

Step1-Visit the “Wolf global” website here.

Step2-Click on the red button at the right-below of their website. (You need to download the Telegram application first)

Step3-Join the channel and select the engagement groups related to your niche.

Wolf global engagement groups offer a variety of engagement groups for different niches that would help you to grow your Instagram account. Still, they are so limited. They haven’t included a large number of users. Also, you don’t have access to the groups that have a large number of users. So you will not get eligible engagements by joining the available groups. The other issue is that you need to copy-paste your post URL manually there. It will take a lot of your time and unfortunately, it’s not convenient at all.

The best Telegram engagement groups and bots

We have listed the best Telegram engagement bot and groups below, which can be the appropriate alternative for the “wolf global” engagement groups that haven’t had their weaknesses anymore.


AiGrow will stand top on our list. They offer over 100 active engagement groups to join, and there is no limit to the number of groups you can join. Also, not only they let you submit your post URL manually to their chatbot, but also they offer the fully automated engagement groups.

  • AiGrow chatbot

Their chatbot is user-friendly, Here are the steps to get engagement through AiGrow chatbot.

Step1- Download Telegram. You can find the app on Play Store (Android users) or App Store (ios) or use the desktop version of Telegram.

Step2- look for “AiGrow” and join the AiGrow Telegram chatbot

Step3- Copy the post URL (the post you want to receive the engagement) and paste it into the AiGrow Telegram chatbot.

Now you have to wait until members of the groups you have joined before automatically begin engaging with your shared post. (You get engagement from the groups you have joined)

  • AiGrow automated engagement groups

What makes AiGrow unique and different from the wolf global is its fully automated engagement groups, it means you set the features on your dashboard once and leave the rest to the platform. You need to schedule your posts through the platform and automatically get engagements.

How to get to automated engagement groups?

Step1- Sign up to their platform for free (sign up here) and schedule your post

Step2- Join the Engagement groups related to your niche

Step3- Schedule your post through the AiGrow

That’s it, so after here, you need to schedule your posts through their platform and will get engagement automatically. It will save time and make the procedure more convenient, and you don’t need to be worried about the timing since you will get engagement any time you share your posts.

AiGrow offers manual growth service in the meantime. It will let you leave the growth procedure to their manager and their experts. They will do it totally on your behalf. We recommend this option if you are interested in growing your Instagram account in the shortest period with the highest quality. You can contact their support team to get more information by clicking on the online chat button at the below-right of their website.


Fuelgram is the engagement group platform where lets users exchange likes and comments and grow each other Instagram accounts.

You need to have these conditions to enter a Fuelgram engagement group:

– You must have more than 1K followers.

– Your account needs to be active. (You should share your post regularly )

– You need to have eligible engagements on your posts.

– Your accounts need to have at least ten posts.

– Accounts must be at least one week old.

Unfortunately, these criteria make it hard to be able to use the Felgram engagement groups but still worth to try if your account meets the conditions.

3-Smart social

To get engagement from the smart social, you need to:

Step1-  Download the Telegram application.

Step2- Join their engagement groups, you can search the “smartcomments” on telegram or join it via this link here.

Step3- join the group and copy-paste your post URL and wait to get engagements from the members.


In this article, we tried to review the wolf global engagement groups and provide you with the best Engagement groups and growth tools.

You can find more Engagement groups here if you are interested.

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